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EVERYTHING is connected! New understandings in science reveal a bigger picture of interconnection than  we could have ever imagined. Discover amazing ideas that will not only help change THE WORLD… but will also help change YOUR WORLD.


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tracyTracy Bruce is our resident Astrologer, she has had a passion for Astrology from a very young age. Her 25 years in construction, together with her over 20 years experience in astrology gives her a unique perspective. She will look at your natal chart as a set of blueprints for building your house. Everything is laid out in these planetary blueprints, now all you need to add is the labor and materials to build it. Read More


connecteduniverseThe CONNECTED UNIVERSE explores new understandings in science that reveal a bigger picture of interconnection than we have ever imagined. This eye opening film explores how the fundamental experience of being human is also about connection… and how this experience may be altered by these breakthroughs in science. Will the journey through these ideas make it possible for you to feel more “connected” in your own life? Read More


beyond-the-himalayasDr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne was born in Scotland in 1887. During his lifetime he traveled throughout the world healing thousands of people of all kinds of diseases and taught the Truth of the Law of Being to many thousands more. Murdo MacDonald-Bayne was fondly referred to as Dr. Mac by his students who often spoke of seeing him overshadowed by a higher being during his lectures. It is said that he journeyed several times into India and Tibet where he spent long periods (recounted in Beyond the Himalayas and it’s sequel The Yoga of the Christ) in the company of true Masters of the Tibetan Himalayas. There his powers to heal were strengthened and he received greater enlightenment for his mission to reveal those profound teachings to the outside world. Read More

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You will be guided on a journey of change like no other. Brick-by-Brick, Step-by-Step, you will make small changes that will last you a lifetime. Each month is dedicated to creating the most meaningful, thought-provoking experience, while at the same time taking you slowly through the process of change. Once you purchase your video you will be sent a link to the video, along with a link to the worksheet that goes with it. You can print out the worksheets and use them, or purchase your own journal and use the worksheets as a guideline. Read More


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