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Here are 8 things you should eliminate from your home today. Good for you, good for our planet.


Rob Greenfield

Here’s a little story on my life and how I use activism to affect positive change in the world!
Huge thanks to Outspeak for featuring me in this series!

Just start with one thing


CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor

Denis Estimon knows the feeling of eating alone, so he started a club at his high school called “We Dine Together.” Steve Hartman met him, On The Road



A student designed kinetic window blinds that are actually a giant sundial.



Vox is with 99 Percent Invisible.

How engineers can take inspiration from the natural world. Case in point: Japan’s high-speed Shinkansen trains.


State of the Carte added a new episode on  Facebook Watch.

Grow and cook food with homemade fertilizer and natural gas!

pretty cool If you’re interested here is their information.



World Economic Forum

Setting a high bar. Read more:

Read this article for more about Circular Economy.


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In a hot, crowded, and less predictable world, the future of food increasingly depends on dirt.

(A Quartz collaboration with Retro Report)

Everyone from the grower, to the consumer is responsible for the solutions to our ever increasing issues. Be a conscious consumer & S.O.W. the seeds to a healthier future because we need each other.


BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

Inspired by Blue Planet, this shop is trying to use less plastic. 🌍🐢

Read my article, “Chewing on the Plastic Problem”


Cultura Colectiva +

These straws don’t hurt the environment… and they come in many flavors!

Edible straws made out of seaweed…The next good thing


Rob Greenfield

We need a composting program like this in every major city across the USA! From Garbage To Garden!
via Sustainable Media

Would you participate in this kind of composting program in your community?


Organic Consumers Association

Across the world, people are embracing the concept that regenerative agriculture can restore ecosystems, produce abundant and healthy food, and reverse global warming. With this knowledge, we teamed up with Over Grow The System to learn why some farmers are pursuing regenerative agriculture, and what they are doing to build a brighter future for all of us. Join us to explore these Stories From a Fertile Earth:

Restorative agriculture….The next good thing




40 Days of Sunshine Update: Day 6 – Rob Greenfield Nourishment
Today in Orlando, Florida Patrick met with Rob Greenfield. His website says he is an Adventurer, an Activist, and a Humanitarian. We think he is so much more. He does what he can and is seriously inspiring.

To find out more about Rob, go to his website: or check out his facebook page:

Pretty cool