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Breathe Easy With Salt Lamps

Organic minerals and natural salt

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I was introduced to salt lamps. Truthfully, I didn’t really even understand what the big deal was. I mean, what the heck was everyone getting so excited about? A lamp made out of salt? I really didn’t get it! Until…. Continue reading “Breathe Easy With Salt Lamps”

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New Moon July 23, 2017

Activate Your Universe

“Set your intentions high for this New Moon and let it cover everything Leo”


A New Moon sits along-side the Sun and signifies the point of new beginnings.  The Sun is what drives you in life while the Moon is your emotional connection in life.  The Leo energy between the Sun and Moon will have you focusing on creativity, self-confidence and pride adding in the emotional connection for your own well-being. While there is always a chance of going too far, this combo you should have no problem finding the balance and making change.

Leo energy is so creative and wants nothing more than what is best for you.  It is not a time to think or work on others, let that be for another day.  Today you must concentrate on yourself. As the Sun and Moon work side-by-side there is no better energy to combine purpose and passion as you plan for the future month.  Ideas should be plenty, however if you find yourself stuck then you should spend a little time by yourself and meditation.

The Sun is the brightest luminary in our sky, it is the King of the heavenly bodies and is the giver of life.  Leo is ruled by the Sun so there is no wonder that when they are working together you have the power to shine above all the rest.

In Astrology, the Sun symbolizes our direct will or purpose and if we do not spend time each year nurturing our own directives and drive then our purpose cannot be realized. There is no shame in looking out for your own best interest; just know that everyone will be doing the same.  Watch your temperament when you do not get what you wish.  It is not personal, it is just someone else looking out for themselves.  You can find another way, don’t worry.

Leo and Sun Mythology:  The beginning of time the Sun was a “hero” born of Mother Earth as she possessed the four elements that comprised life – air, earth, fire and water, thus we call him Sun “SON”.

The Greeks believe the Sun is Apollo, the Greek god of light and truth, the perfect balance of masculine and feminine.  Apollo lived in the spot light, the most Greek of all the gods, he wanted a shrine that would also put him at the center of the world; therefore, he choose Delphi. After slaying the serpent that ruled the area ], Apollo built his shrine. He saw what he wanted and did what he needed to do to get it.  Later the laws that were handed down from Delphi were delivered by Oracles but were credited to Apollo.  The lesson given was “Nothing in Excess” and “Know Thyself”.  The Oracle tells mortals to keep things in balance by avoiding the excess of being too willful and overly confident, or arrogance and conceit will follow.

Larger than life is how Leo likes to play and today will be no different.  Dream big, because today is the day it has the power to come true.


Contact me,

And let’s just see,

What are you dreaming to be?

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The Full Moon on Sunday July 9th, 2017 in Capricorn:

full moon[4]

Activate Your Universe!

What should you be doing during a Capricorn Full Moon?

The Full Moon usually symbolizes a time for stillness, allowing the universe to work the energy set forth from your New Moon intentions for the remainder of the moon cycle.  However, this Capricorn Full Moon is an active one and is all business. The Capricorn energy ex-spelling from the brightness of the big beautiful Moon has a can-do attitude and is providing an uneasy feeling.  It will make it necessary for you to take responsibility for your emotional connections and feelings within groups, co-workers and organizations with whom you are connected.  This energy is one of a collective conscious and is sitting in the house of careers, ambitions and life direction. The dismantling of out dated systems with an active ability to rebuild new ones is typical of the energy provided by the conjunction between the Capricorn Moon and Pluto. This is where the personal meets the public and/or political aspects of your life, making it necessary to involve others into your plan. It will take the masses to move the mountain and there is no time like now to get started.

In the tribe of the Universe the Capricorn is the one that gets the job done and has the stamina to keep up with all the details for the collective group. This will require big changes as well as re-invention. (Pluto 1 degree of the Moon) As these two energies work together you will feel the energy that has the power to breakdown major corporations, or just a singular way of thinking. On a personal note however, this energy causes you to question those you trust and break ties that may feel damaging to you. The Pluto/Capricorn Full Moon is sitting opposite a charged Sun and Mars in Cancer lighting up this powerful couple. Insecurities and fears put relationships at risk of power struggles and suspicion.  We all know what this type of energy can do on a big scale, but what does that mean for you in your daily lives? This is a time when you may feel that working on you own is best, due to the mistrust you are feeling. Nothing can be further from the truth. No matter how much you want to isolate yourself, this is a time to get involved. Involving yourself in organizations and groups that you are passionate about, will test your ability to respond to personal and collective events with maturity and open heart.  “Making a difference” The square to Jupiter in Libra reminds us that taking responsibility of yourselves does not mean you have to do it all on your own. It is critical to work with others for a successful outcome to whatever you are working on and evolution is more effective and efficient with support. The activation of a loose but potent grand cross at this time is a crossroads and choice point in your life and for those around you.

This Capricorn Full Moon makes it a perfect time to release and grieve that which needs to be left behind in order to take brave steps in a new direction. All this power struggle and work can drain your energy, but like all Capricorns will tell you; time for yourself and relaxation is an ingredient you must never substitute or alleviate from the recipe for success. The Capricorn way!

“The greatest darkness constellates the most impassioned energy of creativity” Andrew Harvey

Activate Your Universe, contact me and we can see what is in store for you.

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July, 2017 Monthy Astrology Guide

July Monthly


July 2017, Aries 21 March – 20 April…

Summer is here and boy is it hot, however, with the sun and heat comes fun and family time.  The kids are out of school and it’s time for family and friends, barbeques and relaxation.  As the Sun is sitting in your 4th house of family and foundations this is where you feel memories are built.  The urge to lay the ground work for any cause or belief will be strong as well. As Mars is sharing the spot light with your Sun these feelings are stronger than ever before. Whether it is family fun or fun for a mission your goal is to plant the seed for a beautiful tree that will grow healthy and bare sweet fruit for the future. This is the message from the Cancer Sun. Nurture and care on an emotional level those things that you hold dear.  This month is full of twists and turns as Uranus is trine Saturn in Leo and 12th house. Anxiety for the future can bring on mood swings and outbursts that can come from nowhere.  Mars will add to the stress giving fire to your nurturing need to protect what you are building. Work on understanding that things don’t always go as planned and compromise is sometimes better. Mentally, you will need to take time for yourself and learn to build up your emotional foundation as well.  This is just as important as any other part of your existence because without it you will never truly enjoy the tasty fruit that you planted and nurtured.  Moving along to the Full Moon on July 9th in your tenth house of careers could have an impact on your direction in life.  Prepare for goal oriented thoughts in regards to your career or purpose.  The Full Moon is a time for watching as your intentions move through the waning portion of the lunar cycle and things will come easy but not without hard work. You will do the work to get it done as long as the path is clear and achievable, however taking a leap of faith and trusting that it will work out is all it takes to succeed. Again, this month is all about setting foundations for building a future so it is o.k. to dream and dream big.  This brings me to Jupiter…. Jupiter is a big thinker and brings expansion where ever he shows up.  Isn’t is a good thing Jupiter is shining Opposite your Sun and conjunct your Moon in Libra, bring Joy and good fortune your family and path. Your mood lightens up starting on July 22nd as the Sun transitions in Leo and the focus becomes more about the happiness that is right now!


july 2017, Taurus 21 April – 21 May…

It’s July!! and summer is in full swing.  Social gatherings are on the rise as the weather heats up and everyone is heading for the beach.  You normally like the quiet times at home, but this month is going to be a little different.  The brightness of the Cancer Sun is filling your third house of communication, short journeys and mental energy.  You are going to talk your way right through the next few weeks with ease.  It may be a little difficult for others to take so remember you are turned up to high volume as Mars is also sitting close by to give that final burst in when needed all the way through to July 20th.  Communication is not one of your strongest traits, however you will get some help from the Gemini energy of the third house as well as the Cancer Sun.  Both are friendly and know how to talk just be careful one will make you boast and one will make you choke. All this energy will attract some colorful people and you could find yourself hosting a party you did not plan. But, relax building new friends and making amends with old ones is the lesson here.  It will be fun….you’ll see!  It may be best to avoid conflict for the first part of the Month especially around the Full Moon on July 9.  Pay attention to the opportunities around you.  You are in a position to get a lot accomplished, go back to school or invent a useful tool. Be prepared to be dismissed with regards to your ideas or inventions, but don’t be discouraged, work hard to present the best representation and have all your facts stated clearly.  The possibility is there just get in front of them and show them what you got. This is the month to take advantage of the energy that is meant for convincing others of your cause. The full moon isn’t all about communication or breakdown with the Full Moon in Capricorn investments will be a key. So, that party you were not intending to have turns out to provide information about an investment that has a great return for fulfilling your dreams.  You see; things aren’t so bad after all.  This whole month takes you out of your comfort zone.  Just run with it as it will come around again for quite some time.


july 2017, Gemini 22 May – 21 June….

Slow and steady is what you need, however it is not your style.  This month is learning how to pace yourself for the long haul. The powerful Cancer Sun sits in your 2nd house of money and power.  There is something brewing in the heat and you are about to find out what.  The second house is about your money but not your career, this brings me to an interesting point. Cancer is the Mother of all the Universe and wants to protect and nurturer her babies.  Right now, your money is your baby so nurturer and protect.  Watch you spending closely and chose investments wisely they will work out for you, but you have to trust it.  The Sun and Mars are working together giving the energy an additional boost. This is a time for you to show your worth and to make things happen. This alignment doesn’t happen very often so make sure you take advantage of the energy and don’t let it go to waste. There will be plenty of time for leisure once the work is done and in doing the work you can be assured that you have the cash in hand to do it right.  Because that’s the way you like it. The good thing is you won’t have to wait long because you will see results by the end of the Month when the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd.  A clearer picture comes into view when the Full Moon hits, July 9th in Capricorn shifting your energy towards relationships.  This is a time for you to evaluate your relationships and determine how they are working for you and your future.  Be aware that you have some strong alignments involving the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus that indicates disputes that need to be resolved and can distract you from your goals. Being prepared will help you make good solid decisions. You are not one for routine, but routine is what you need this month if you are going to succeed in your goals. This can become stressful for you during the next few weeks as the focus shifts to making a future.  Money is the key to your existence and what you do with that money will determine what kind of future you will have.  A need to spend it all in one place is strong but will not leave you satisfied for the long term.  Give it a lot of thought before you decide. The New Moon on July 23rd will bring stimulating conversation and company.  Pay attention to the details, making sure you get the full benefit of the conversation.

july 2017, Cancer 22 June – 23 July…

Happy Birthday!!!  This is a great time for you Cancer, the Sun is lighting up your first house of “I am”.  Reflection, family and the focus on you.  Mars is also in your sign giving the Sun a great boost for the self.  Mars only shows up in your sign every two years and to be so close to the Sun is even more special.  You love to be special and this is definitely your time to feel it. It is time to be bold and courageous. The time is ripe and it is now time to take a bite.  The Full Moon on July 9th in Capricorn definitely fuels you with the energy to step out to sell yourself.  You are a likable person and now is the time to let others know especially those who can make a difference to your current life situation.  Don’t be shy…. not that you are, but sometimes it is easier to stay in the cozy comforts or home that you built. Negotiations are on the table somehow; someway you just need to find it. Your current situation is filled with egos and power struggles forcing you to look for a more balanced solution.  If you don’t then you will be dealing with this type of energy for the next couple of months due to alignments that include Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto.  These energies are urging you to make a change. Change is not always easy and it may be harder to deal with during the decision-making process and with Pluto in Capricorn standing opposite Mars can cause deep issues with your loved one.  Being clear on your intentions is possible and is needed in order to combat these outbursts.   Towards the end of the month around the 18th things become even more hostile when dealing with work or a person of power. To many rules and regulations can have you feel closed and un inspired yet not enough structure can have you feeling confused and without support. Thing will lighten up on July 22nd as the Sun moves into you 2nd house in the constellation of Leo.  Matters of the heart are back in line and you can think about all your options with your needs in mind.  New job or position could be in the works but wait until July 26th to do the negotiations when the Sun and Mars are at their best and close together.  If the opportunity comes earlier be sure to save the negotiations for this date; it will be worth it.


jluy 2017, Leo 24 July – 23 August…

Oh, don’t we all need a rest now and again? Well this is the time for you, dear Leo.  The Cancer Sun and fiery Mars are both sitting in your 12th house just looking for a break.  It’s not very often that these two are sitting side by side, so if they both are telling you to relax, I’d say you better listen.  You deserve it!  The last month has been a challenge to say the least so try and put your feet up for a while.  This will not be easy for you because you have a lot of loose end to clean up before you can fully rest up and enjoy the summer vacation. But don’t fear there will be time to get that beach day into your schedule. It will be beneficial and believe it or not could help you to relax enough that resolution comes out of nowhere. The Full Moon on July 9th will be powerful on you and even bring health issue to the forefront so you have to deal with them.  It is important that you pay attention, those problems aren’t going anywhere. Take care of yourself or the universe will make you!  Spend the first part of the month planning for the off days so you have something to look forward to and find ways to delegate so you can relieve some of your stress. This Full Moon provide a noticeable change in how your view your health regiments. Moving towards the New Moon on July 23rd you month is filled with stressful situations that need both your mental attention as well as physical.  You can handle it as long as you schedule some fun time in between.  Remember this is about endings so all this chaos and stress will end.  When the Sun and Mars make an exact meet up on July 29th in your sign of Leo…… Your guiding light will begin to shine once again. Rest up and be ready.


july 2017, Virgo 24 August – 23 September…

So; it is summer break!  Oh boy, Virgo get your party hat on the Cancer Sun and Mars has come to visit you in your 11th house of group and social events.  This is going to heat up your social game so make great use of this energy. Not only will you be out with the best of them you are going to make contacts that will prove to be useful in the future.  We all know that’s what you really want to know. How do I gain from all this socializing nonsense?  Well Virgo it will require you to enjoy yourself a little and keep a cool head. I know this could be challenging for you, but it must be done. Cancer and Mars are heating up your networking skills so you should probably keep your PowerPoint presentation close by and your pitch memorized just in case. If you do have a scheduled meeting use these energies to be prepared and sharp, they will notice.  Stay on your toes, but don’t let others get under your skin, it will be harder to bite your tongue with the alignments in your chart between the Sun, Pluto and Jupiter. These energies can cause anxiety and restlessness that will develop into conflict, starting with you.  Think before you speak and be sure that the topic is not inappropriate. A tendency to fly off subject or make an off handed insult will be high as you approach the Full Moon on July 9th. A need for attention can get you in quite a pickle around this time.  This month will seem like it lasts forever, with all the obligations you have but rest is on the way when the Sun and Mars moves into your 12th house on July 22nd.  This is the house of endings and internal reprieve.  When it comes take it you are going to need it.


july 2017, Libra 24 September – 23 October…

Your professional life is on display this month as the Cancer Sun is in your tenth house of career. This is a time to take care of loose ends and nurture your game plan for the rest of the year.  This is especially important as Mars is close by to set fire to any ventures you are working on. Even though this energy comes around every year at this time it does not always come with the force of Mars behind it.  The intensity can be overwhelming and you don’t always handle that feeling very well.  Be sure to recognize that Mars is here to help you not cause problems.  He is setting fire under feet so you don’t become lazy or complacent. You will have a chance to run off for some well needed rest and relaxation on July 9th with the Full Moon showing up in your domestic fourth house. This is good time to concentrate of health and relationships especially with a female or mother figure. Although this break will be short it is not lost.  This will carry you through the rest of the month until the Sun moves into Leo on July 22nd.  As Mars and the Sun is working hand in hand this month they provide you with courage and style to accomplish anything. This is also a time to take care of unresolved issues or conflict with others, particularly male or father figures.  Your stress levels will be high due to Mars in Cancer, but it nothing that you can’t handle given the other planetary activity in your chart.  It will, however be required for you to get to your point quickly without straying from the topic. Stating the obvious is not always necessary. As you approach the end of the month and the Sun Moves into your 11th house of social events the energy will feel much lighter.  Feel confident when interacting with others; you know you are the flirty type, so let loose and be yourself. Meeting new people may be just what you need to end the month and discard those that are not serving you well.


july 2017, Scorpio 24 October – 22 November…

Your urge to be candid will be strong this month now that the Cancer Sun is encouraging your ninth house.  The Cancer energy is one that tells it like she sees it and with little to no filter.  When you combine that energy with the expansive, sarcastic and witty ninth house Sagittarius energy it will be difficult to hold in your thoughts.  This is not typical for you Scorpio and others will find it quite attractive. There is so much energy here with Mars working hand in hand with the Sun that there is bound to be some excitement and adventure in your life through July 22nd. Look for the opportunities in travel, education, spiritual awakening and expansion. Mars travels slow and only visits this area every two years and very rarely does he work alongside the Sun.  Both of these energies in Cancer encourages you to nurture your adventurous spirit and to trust your intuition a bit more than usual.  Not everything is set in stone and predictable. Allow yourself an opportunity to dream big and take some risks during this amazing time.  Opportunities will be there you, you just have to feed it, water it and care for it so that it will grow strong and serve you well. If you were looking for an opportunity to speak you mind and truth, this is the time to do it.  Use the charisma and confidence that this duo will offer and remember to keep it positive.  People will listen!  July 9th the Capricorn Full Moon gives you the business savvy to open doors and make opportunities happen as this Moon phase travels through your third house of communication. It will be a good time to send a message to others of encouragement and meaning. This month for you Scorpio is letting your voice be heard, however be careful that it’s not aggressive or condescending, that will defeat the purpose and only create chaos. You don’t talk much so when you do make it count and remember that you need to be able to handle any reaction.  This candor works both ways and you need to be prepared to respond with positivity and understanding. The Middle of the month around the 18th can prove to be challenging as Uranus in the 6th house of health squares up with Mars bringing obsessive thoughts and single mindedness.  Try to stay focused on the little details for everyday activities and not on the big picture at this time. This energy will pass as the Sun glides into Leo on July 22nd and brings a little light to your 10th house of social status. Keep in mind the ground work has been set and you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.


july 2017, Sagittarius 23 November – 21 December…

A retreat is what you need, a little time for yourself, away from your normally active lifestyle.  Right now, your Sun is working in your 8th house of privacy, intimacy and secrets. The Scorpio energy will be noticed as the Cancer Sun and Mars is visiting this month.  This energy is asking you to nourish and protect your privacy and embrace your intimate time for rejuvenation. Mars’ aggressive nature is calmed a little as it stands in Cancer. However, there will be a need to be outspoken, candid and honest with those around you. This is not the time fo that, refrain from this type of communication, instead keep to yourself a bit more and if that is not an option then at least keep your comments to yourself. Otherwise unnecessary bantering will occur and only aggravate the situation. Sometimes saying nothing is more powerful than any words. Sharing intimate time with you love should be top on your list this month and if you are single you may by chance meet that someone special. The day to work is July 9th as the Full Moon illuminates your 2nd house of finances. Promotion or new job opportunity are all possible on this day so set your calendar to make your move. There is a strong energy coming from Mars so be sure to understand that stress is part of the process. Watch your spending as this energy will promote irresponsible spending. Your motto this month is to stay focused on the inside look for ways to turn frustration into creation. Although you may fee out of sort this month due to the subdued environment it will be necessary.  Starting on July 22nd when the Sun rushes into your ninth house in the constellation of Leo your life will be on turbo charge. You rule the ninth house and Leo is the fiery Lion to put social activities and grandeur back in your life. So embrace your alone time. Take special care of financial decisions and investments. Look to connect with the special people in your life and less with the hustle and bustle of the world.


july 2017, Capricorn 22 December – 20 January…

The activity will begin in your seventh house of one on one relationships.  The Cancer Sun will help you gain the perfect first impression with a special someone add in the feisty flare of Mars and you are sure to be the center of attraction. Your flirty nature and charisma is enhanced with this placement and is not an opportunity you will want to waste.  This is the time to make your feelings known to your special someone, or maybe it’s a time to approach the one you have had your eye on for a while.  The reception will be warm and positive. Let Cancer help to mother and care for an existing relationship or guide you through a new one.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon so emotions are especially sensitive at this time for you and Mars will add a bit of spark to those emotions that can be useful. Honesty and justice is what you are looking for this Month. This is a time to listen to your heart and not your head. This energy is encouraging you to follow and not lead. If this is not comfortable, it’s not supposed to be, but if you need some time to yourself it will be best taken at the Full Moon on July 9th. Work on a project that you neglected or make business calls that affect you personally.  Because the seventh house is about family relationships, obligation will become a part of your duties this month as well.  You will need to mend some fences both literally and figuratively in this department as Jupiter, Uranus and Sun have a little score to settle during this course of the month, so be prepared and do not be annoyed. Stressful Pluto siting opposite the Sun will push you to your limits but this will only strengthen you and provide you with clarity for the balance you need. The Libra energy of the seventh house is about balance and justice, if you look for the correlation throughout this month it will be clear the lessons that are being taught. Open you mind, heart and self…


july 2017, Aquarius 21 January – 19 February…

This is such an important time for you, dear Aquarius. Your Sun is putting a spot light on your sixth house of health and everyday activity.  The Cancer Sun encourages you to take special care of your health this month.  Be sure to get all the nutrients and exercise you need. Get a check-up or start a health regiment today! Mars is full of energy and spice that can push you to make changes if necessary for a better lifestyle that is healthier and more productive. However, it can also add stress levels if health issues are not dealt with quickly.  Mars is all about quick solutions so if you don’t make it a decision he will. So, as we all know you are capable of most anything and will push yourself beyond boundaries, this is not the time for that type of thinking.  Pushing yourself beyond limits will have a negative effect on your health this month and will only manage to slow you down.  You need to recognize this potential and do not gloss over it. Ask someone for help if you are determined to get a million things done in the next month. The Full Moon on June 9th will provide a little down time so take it. The Capricorn Moon knows how to slow down especially in your 12th house of rest and relaxation. You will need this break so take it.  Other alignments this month will make it difficult for communication and will promote misunderstandings that can become long term disputes.  Before engaging in conflict take a step back and really think about what you are looking to accomplish. It may be a better idea to wait or try communicating through email and not social media.  As the Sun moves into Leo on July 22nd the energy will shift a little, however you will still be high demand only this time you are ready to handle it. After putting in place a new routine of exercise and healthy choices your mind and body is clear and ready to go.


july 2017, Pisces 20 February – 20 March…

Lights, camera, action…..This Cancer Sun and Mars combo in your 5th house of creativity, self-expression and joy is pretty intense. For most this type of energy is welcomed, but for you my Pisces friend it can be overwhelming and suspicious. These feeling comes from other aspects between Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and the Sun providing you with ups and downs during this month that will make you head spin.  These energies can also produce self-righteous behaviors and over confidence that can become part of a bigger issue later this month.  You will need to watch your ego as your integrity will be questioned and tested. Keeping a level head. Being confident in what you know and having compassion for what others don’t know will no doubt bring attention to your work.  So much energy this month is hot and fiery but it doesn’t have to be negative. Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is overseeing your emotions it would suggest that Mars is pushing your passion toward following an emotional dream. With this energy working in your house of creative and self-preservation you can’t help but shine and allow others to be a part of your creation.  This type of energy can thrust you forward in your work and make great things happen.  The Capricorn Full Moon on July 9th is a time for you to join new social groups, reach out to a group you are already a member or possibly do some volunteer work outside the home.  This full moon is located in your eleventh of social media, groups and organizations. The organization and hard work of the Capricorn energy makes this the best time to show others your potential. However, the energy is not heavy but light and airy so you can accomplish quite a bit without feeling the pressure. This is short lived as the Full Moon Passes and the energy shifts back to heavy and combative. Beware of jealousy from others and conflict with loved ones. Between the 18th and the 20nd Pluto squares Mars and cause irrational behavior all around. Probably best to stay away from conversation that seem to go nowhere. The mood changes drastically come July 22nd as the Sun Moves into fun loving Leo in your sixth house of health and daily routines.  This is more your style, working on yourself, health and your to do list.

Contact me,

And let us see,

What are you dreaming to be?

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Happy Camper’s Camping Hacks

It’s summer!! Time to go CAMPING!! Yayy!! But wait a minute, before you get too far ahead of yourself make sure you are organized so that everything will go off without a hitch and you’ll have nothing but happy campers 😉



Organized: Make a kitchen tub with food items, table cloth, pots, pans, utensils, plates, cups paper towels, dish clothes ; a tub for all your clothes, toiletries, flashlights, Laundry bag, broom & dust pan, door mat & mattress pump; a supply tub with first aid kit, duct tape, toilet paper, propane, clothes pins, rope, backpack, shower bag and spray bottles to help keep cool; last minute supplies that won’t fit in tubs: sleeping bags, cooler, drinks & snacks for the ride, flip flops & air mattress (y)
Organized: This would also be good for each person to take to the showers. Easy to hang & dry 😀
tent floor


yoga mats
Safety: Take a photo of your child as soon as you get where you’re going so you will have a recent photo.
Cheap & Easy
Food: Breakfast
Food: Breakfast
Lunch & Dinner: Of course you can tailor these instructions to your family’s taste. This is more of a method than a recipe.



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Diabetic Treat: Sinfully Good

Okay, I’m about to drop a bomb on all my diabetic peeps!! My dad was a diabetic and one of the things he used to crave the most was sweets. Which was kinda funny, since, he never really ate sweets before he was diagnosed. But, anyway, for some reason he was REALLY craving them. So, being the awesome daughter that I am, I did some research on how to naturally quench his craving for sweets.

There are many different ways for diabetics to curb their desire for sweets, but here’s one that tastes truly sinful…DATES! Dates are sooooo sweet and you would think that they would be at the top on the no-no list for diabetic. But… let me break it down for ya….

Dates are:

  • Easily digested
  • High in fiber
  • Prevent LDL cholesterol absorbtion
  • High in iron, potassium, B-vitamins, vitamins A & K, copper, manganese, magnesium & niacin
  • They have a low glycemic index
  • Increase energy
  • Fat Free
  • Have a ton of antioxidants

So, here’s the thing. Each person is different, what works for one person, may not necessarily work for another. I know that some foods that were supposed to be good for diabetics, weren’t good for my dad. I would suggest that you start small, like, maybe, one date. See how you feel, if you don’t have a reaction, then, next time eat 2 dates.

I would like to point out also, that dates, should only be consumed as a snack, it’s not a meal replacement. That goes for anyone, not just those with diabetes. Dates are such a powerhouse of nutrients that only need to eat 3 or 4 of them to get their benefits.

Here are the ones I get from the regular grocery store:


Here is an excellent recipe to curb your “candy” craving. It actually taste a lot like brownies 😀

Chop up about 3 or 4 dates and put in a small food processor

ADD IN 1 Tablespoon each….


2 T. Almond meal
Cocoa powder
Ground flax seeds *Flax seeds are much easier to digest when ground. Don’t buy them already ground, they loose their potency. Freshly grind them to get the most benefit. *The processor won’t grind them, you will need a coffee grinder.

Sesame seeds

process in food processor…

Add in 2 or 3 drops of flavoring. I love the combination of orange & chocolate so I add wild orange. Peppermint may be good too. I have never tried it.

process again until a ball forms


remove from processor and shape into balls or whatever shape you like. Top with a little orange zest and enjoy!! So YUMMY 😀


***If your “batter” comes out too thin, just add more almond meal. If it’s too thick add a tiny bit of water. Mine sometimes come out very sticky, but I don’t mind. If you don’t like the stickiness you can roll them in some cocoa powder or almond meal.

Thank you for stopping by 😀

With Love,

Sindy ❤


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New Moon Report May 25

This new moon is a Super New Moon and will have everything to do with thinking and lower mind. This Moon phase is in Gemini, which is perfect for new beginnings, however , the key will be to keep your thoughts organized.

As you prepare for your new moon intentions it should be important to understand the energy that this particular New Moon will bring. There are no major aspects to the Moon right now so this is a pure energy, full of thoughts, and these thoughts can get the better if you. Remember that our thoughts are not our own they come from various outside influences and can cause you to pause unnecessarily. Thoughts are like a movie in our minds. We can speculate and anticipate how the ending will be, but, you will never know for sure what the true ending is until it happens.

Gemini New Moon wants to remind you that your thoughts are forever changing and you are not defined by them. They can be damaging or rejuvenating. I recently read something that really resonated “people do not cause you pain your thoughts do”.

Tonight as you meditate and set intentions for the this Moon Cycle, try to stay aware of your thoughts. The more positive and compassionate your thoughts are, the lighter and happier you will feel and project to the World.

Activate Your Universe Today.

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Save Time & Money With e-cloth!

I just received my e-Cloth Home Cleaning Set in the mail last week. The set comes with 8 pieces:

  • Kitchen cloth
  • Stainless Steel Cloth
  • Range & Stove-top Cloth
  • Bathroom Cloth
  • Window Cloth
  • 2-Glass & Polishing Cloths
  • Dusting Cloth

I have only used them a couple of times so far and I can already say, I LOVE THEM!! They have saved me time & money because there is no need for cleaning products. They work with just hot water, which means I don’t have to spend a fortune on harmful, chemical laden, products & I don’t have to carry around bunch of cleaning products to clean the house.

Every morning after my husband & I are done washing our face and brushing our teeth, I wipe down the bathroom sink. I have always just used a regular cloth and then once a week I would give the whole bathroom a thorough cleaning. Now, with e-cloth, when I wipe down the bathroom sink, IT’S CLEAN!! No having to go back and clean it again 😀 I wipe down my glass shower doors using the Window Cloth along with the Glass & Polishing Cloth at the end of the day, after the last shower has been taken, to keep them looking clean & clear. While the Bathroom Cloth keeps the shower walls squeaky clean.

It’s the same with my kitchen counters. Everyday I wipe down my kitchen counter at least 3-4 times. Then at night after washing our dinner dishes I would spray the counters down and give them a more thorough cleaning. Now, I don’t have to do that, using the Kitchen Cloth, my counters stay clean all the time, it’s a miracle!! The Range & Stove-top Cloth along with the Glass & Polishing Cloth has kept my stove-top looking shiny & and practically brand new.

Because I only need to wipe down the surface of my furniture, without have to drag out a bunch of cleaning products, it’s much easier to keep the dirt and grime from building up. I use the Dusting Cloth to give my furniture a quick swipe and I’m done and can move on with my day, making time for other, more important, FUN things!

I highly recommend getting a set of e-cloths. They really do save time & money and even though I have only used them a short time, I can already tell the difference. If you are skeptical like I was, I have added links below so you can read about the science behind these cloths and how they have such remarkable cleaning capabilities, removing 99% of the bacteria in your home!! WHAT?!

e-cloths have 3.1 million fibers per sq in. 480,000 fibers per cubic centimeter. By combining this unique fiber technology with water, the cloths break up, lift and hold grease, grime and bacteria, which normal cloths leave behind.


Caring for your e-cloth is as simple as rinsing it with hot water in your day-to-day use. To ensure your e-cloths perform at their best you can machine wash them up to 300 times!! You only need a small amount of detergent, then either hang or tumble dry. That’s it!! I use Soap Nuts by NaturOli, you can read about them here.

Why choose e-cloth?

Research undertaken by Siliker (a leading scientific research organization, with 45 laboratories worldwide) has proven that e-cloths remove over 99% of bacteria. Get full details here.

Thanks for dropping by!!

With Love,

Sindy ❤


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Full Moon in Scorpio May 10, 2017

Activate Your Universe!


The phase of the full Moon is a time for rest and meditation after completing the work you have been doing since you set your New Moon intentions 14 days ago.  It is a time to let the energy work for you as you watch the story unfold in what you have been working so hard towards.

Full Moon in Scorpio is full of intense emotions, after all Scorpio is dark, deep and full of mystery.  You will have no doubt that the work will get done with this placement, however it may not be just as you envisioned.  Her beauty will shine in the 7th house of partnerships and one on one relationships. Commitments and agreements will feel heavy and hard to accomplish. Try not to focus on getting things done and focus on the way you feel about the work.  Does if serve you? Do you enjoy or “desire” to get it done? Does it drain your energy or will the satisfaction of fulfilling the task be best feeling in the world? Answering these questions will help you stay on task or understand it is not worth doing today.

Scorpio will require a deeper understanding of what you are looking for especially in the relationship department, demanding that you do the work to achieve a balance as the 7th house is the house of the scales and must be in balance and harmony. She is there to provide you with the ability to truly understand an emotional connection you want and deserve.  Scorpio Full Moon has the ability to tear down walls as much as it can slam the doors shut, so be open and honest to FEEL and DESIRE.  These are two key words for the Scorpio Mysteries. She will remind you to be thankful, however has a tenancy to fester resentment.  This Full Moon is sitting opposite the Aries Sun that will add fire to flame of passion. So be prepared for a steamy night ahead full of heat and intimacy.  There is a twist though the Male and Female aspects of this combinations are in a difficult position causing confusion and arguments.  But do not fret, help is on the way……

A trine between the Scorpio Moon and the Pisces Neptune will give you the ability to be sensitive to the situation. Intuitive Pisces at home with Neptune can snuff out the flame before it gets too intense. Your intuition will be on high alert so make sure you listen to it. Tapping into your creative abilities as an escape is another great way to use this aspect and create a calming environment.

Look for support from your Mother or a Mother figure at this time as the trine between the Moon and the Mid heaven creates a strong energy that is motherly and safe.  This is also a great energy to gain perspective to where your life is going and how to get there.  Meditate on finding your path to your ideal future and regaining the closeness of a long-lasting relationship.

Scorpio Moon, Intense, rebirth, feeling and desire are all the part of this energy.

Activate Your Universe has what you need to help you understand the energies that embrace you. Visit and let me know what I can do for you.

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Chewing On The Plastic Problem

Bacteria isolated from outside a bottle-recycling facility has been found to break down and metabolize plastic. The proliferation of plastics in consumer products, from bottles to clothing, has resulted in the release of countless tons of plastics into the environment. The findings, published in the academic journal ‘Science‘  show how the biodegradation of plastics by specialized bacteria could be a viable bioremediation strategy. The new species, Ideonella sakaiensis, breaks down the plastic by using two enzymes to hydrolyze, PET and a primary reaction intermediate, eventually yielding basic building blocks for growth.

Poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) is used extensively worldwide in plastic products, and its accumulation in the environment has become a global concern. Because the ability to enzymatically degrade PET has been thought to be limited to a few fungal species, biodegradation is not yet a viable remediation or recycling strategy. By screening natural microbial communities exposed to PET in the environment, researchers have isolated a novel bacterium, Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6, that is able to use PET as its major energy and carbon source. When grown on PET, this strain produces two enzymes capable of hydrolyzing PET and the reaction intermediate, mono(2-hydroxyethyl) terephthalic acid. Both enzymes are required to enzymatically convert PET efficiently into its two environmentally benign monomers, terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol.


Polyethylene (PE) has been considered nonbiodegradable for decades. Although the biodegradation of PE by bacterial cultures has been occasionally described, valid evidence of PE biodegradation has remained limited in the literature. We found that waxworms, or Indian mealmoths (the larvae of Plodia interpunctella), were capable of chewing and eating PE films. Two bacterial strains capable of degrading PE were isolated from this worm’s gut, Enterobacter asburiae YT1 and Bacillus sp. YP1.

Over a 28-day incubation period of the two strains on PE films, viable biofilms formed, and the PE films’ hydrophobicity decreased. Obvious damage, including pits and cavities, was observed on the surfaces of the PE films using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). The formation of carbonyl groups was verified using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and microattenuated total reflectance/Fourier transform infrared (micro-ATR/FTIR) imaging microscope. Suspension cultures of YT1 and YP1 (108 cells/mL) were able to degrade the PE films over a 60-day incubation period.

The molecular weights of the residual PE films were lower, and the release of 12 water-soluble daughter products was also detected. The results demonstrated the presence of PE-degrading bacteria in the guts of waxworms and provided promising evidence for the biodegradation of PE in the environment.

While plastic eating bacteria and worms is promising, I would be remiss in saying that we need to curb our obsession with plastic. We need viable alternatives so that the issue of how to get rid of it is no longer a problem. The invention of plastic used to be seen as a miracle solution to making our lives easier. But, as it turns out plastic is becoming one of the biggest problems we face for the future of our planet and our children.

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Everyday this month I will add a post showing how to reduce waste. As always I encourage you to SOW seeds for a healthier future ❤

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Sindy ❤