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It’s All In The Layout

Tips For A Better Veggie Garden

Picking the Ideal Spot

What a garden needs…

  • day-long sun (at least 6-8 hours)
  • good drainage
  • protection from the cold wind

If you choose the right environment for you plants, they will grow healthy & strong. If you see that a plant isn’t happy in one place, try moving it to another. Every yard is different and what works in one, doesn’t necessarily work in another. Try to stay away from tree, their nutritional needs are different than your average fruit or veggie plant. If you can manage to plan your garden close to the kitchen or the back door you will probably take better care of your garden because you won’t have far to walk and you won’t forget to water it. You’ll spend more time in a garden that is conveniently located and recognize a problem as soon as you see it.

Simply Put

Putting your tallest plants on the north side of the garden will insure that they won’t block the sun so that your smaller plants can get the sun they need.

The easier you make your frequently harvested crops to get to the more likely you are to harvest & use them. Put them towards the front so you won’t have to go trampling through the garden bed to get to them. The garden doesn’t like compacted dirt, so tread lightly and give yourself a landing pad that you can step on instead.

Companion Planting

Families like to hang out together. By planting veggie families together you will yield better crops & it will make it easier for crop rotation in the coming years..

  • Legumes: peas, beans, limas
  • brassicas: cabbage, kale, broccoli, collards, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts
  • cucurbits: cucumber, melon, squash
  • nightshade: peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant
  • root veggies: beets, carrots, turnips, parsnips radishes, onions, garlic
  • corn
  • leafy greens: spinach, chard, lettuce

Planting Methods

  • Vertical cropping: Train sprawling plant to grow up. Cucumbers, squash, tomatoes & melons.
  • Intercropping: Planting quick-maturing veggies such as lettuce & spinach between widely spaced rows of a slow-maturing crop like tomatoes or growing squash with corn.
  • Succession planting: Making a second planting like putting in beans where you just harvested early spinach. Just make sure you add some compost or fertilizer before you replant.

Saving Space Means Saving Time

Trying different methods other than the more traditional veggie rows may yield larger harvests with less work.

Wide Rows

You may want to broadcast your seeds, letting the plants grow closer together. To do this just rack a section of the of the garden. Then scatter your seeds within the width of the raked section. This will allow you to…

  • plant more quickly
  • weed less because plants will crowd them out
  • save on watering because the plants will keep the ground shaded & moist.
  • grow cool-weather plants like spinach & lettuce in hotter months without bolting.
  • grow more produce in less space
  • extend your harvest period

I wouldn’t recommend this method for potatoes, tomatoes, corn, melons, squash or cucumbers.

Raised Beds

For this system of gardening you will plant your  veggies close together on beds that are 10 inches or more wide and are built up 6-10 inches above the ground. Beds are separated by walkways for easy pickin’. People who use this method of gardening claim that they get higher yields, up to 4 times more veggies per acre!

Other advantages?…

  • improved drainage
  • warmer, drier soil for earlier spring planting
  • little to no room for weeds
  • plants will shade the soil keeping it moist
  • you won’t have to worry about trending on the soil so it doesn’t get compacted
  • no deep digging
  • you can form beds a month or two before the actual planting


There are 2 big disadvantages to this method of gardening.

  • the beds dry out faster
  • paths between the beds become overrun with weeds.

To combat these issues you can use a heavy mulch of dried leaves or hay. When you see weeds popping up or dry patches in your beds, just add more mulch.

Be creative with your planting. Look around to see what you can recycle into a planter or what you can use to make raised beds. I have used baskets, pails, coffee containers, old wheel barrels or a bicycle with a basket in front…the possibilities are endless. I’ve even used my banana tree trunks as planters!

Square It Up

4×4 sections with paths in between will make it easy to calculate your layout & get to your produce once it’s time to harvest. Read your seed packets to find out how much room each plant needs, then in your 4×4 planting space proceed to space them accordingly. Again, get creative, by adding a vertical vines in the center, surrounded by root crops.

The advantages?…

  • no compacted soil
  • get more harvest from less space
  • less weeding, watering & compost
  • no overplanting
  • looks cleaner & neater
  • no having to thin out
  • easier to plan crop rotation

The only disadvantage I see are that you may have to do more preparation of the beds at first and you may have slower planting in the spring.

That’s it for this month…

***Stay tuned, because my next garden post will be about: Landscaping: walkways, lawn & trees & edging. Also, flower & herb gardening. Until then…


With love,

Sindy ❤️


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This post was inspired by the book, TIPS FOR THE LAZY GARDENER, by Linda Tilgner

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Plants Making Music

I found this on Facebook and needed to more research to find out if & how this was true. What I found out was truly amazing & profoundly beautiful. I cannot be more grateful to Simone Vitale for bringing us this mind blowing information & music. Please visit his website to find out much more information on his approach to life.

Published on Dec 19, 2012


How does the music of the plants work and more specifically does the sound in the recordings come directly from the pants?
The U1 device allows plants to produce sounds and to make music. It does so by measuring the electrical resistance of vegetable tissues and transducing it into a MIDI signal (Musical Instruments Digital Interface). The MIDI signal then controls a synthesizer that produces the actual sound.
At first, it might be difficult to assimilate the idea that, in the end, the music produced by the plant is not only an automatic outcome of this electrical connection, but also, a sort of “awareness” of the plant is involved. This is what the researchers in Damanhur (the developers of the U1 device) have found out in their forty years research. They say that after some time of being exposed to their own sounds, plants seem to become aware that the sound is coming from them and they start modulating it intentionally.
Simone Vitale witnessed this himself years ago, while rehearsing for a live performance. He found himself spending hours playing piano together with a plant and was witnessing the slow development of the process. The subtle changes in the plant’s music in response to the sound of the piano and its own sound was becoming more and more evident.
Music of the plants- Anthurium improvisation 432Hz DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE AT: https://soundofgoldenlight.bandcamp.c…

You can listen to over an hour’s worth of plant music here:

Music of the plants- Anthurium improvisation 432Hz

The music in the recording is actually being performed by a plant, Anthurium (anthurium andreanum), thanks to a specific electronic device mention above.

The plant is emitting signals in reaction to external stimuli and to communicate with everything. These signals are detectable as variations in the bio-electrical field of the plant and can be converted into a MIDI signal (Musical Instruments Digital Interface). The MIDI signal is sent into a synthesizer and programmed a soft, soothing sound tuned at 432 Hz.

After some time being connected to such device and producing sounds, plants seem to become aware of the process; they seem to understand that those sounds are coming from them… and they start playing with it.



More information here:…

More information on the U1 device here:

Hope you’ll enjoy  😄

With love,

Sindy ❤️

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Green Potato Hash Omelette

This Green Potato Hash Omelette is so good you won’t even realize you’re eating healthy 😄

I usually grow my own produce, but when that’s not an option then I always try to use organic ingredients when I can 👍 To me, the food just taste much better & I feel it’s healthier & more sustainable.

So on to the recipe:

Green Potato Hash Omelette

  • 1 small to medium potato cubed
  • 2 eggs scrambled with salt & pepper
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • any veggies you like…I used broccoli, green onions & mixed greens
  • 1 Tbsp grapeseed oil
  • any spices you like…I used sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, turmeric, nutmeg, ginger & gram marsala. (spices have micro-nutrients in them…micro-nutrients are essential for the proper functioning of every system in the body and are vital for good health.)
  • any cheese you like…I used blue cheese.

In a small to medium saucepan boil potatoes until tender. Meanwhile heat oil in a medium frying pan. Add potatoes to hot oil & fry until they just turn brown.

Meanwhile, scramble egg with salt & pepper to taste. Set temp. to low, melt butter in a small frying pan.

Once potatoes are brown, then add in your veggies & spices, toss to combine.

Add scrambled eggs to frying pan, when cooked on one side, flip & cook on the other side.

Assemble on a plate, omelette first, then hash & top with cheese.

Don’t forget to have some hot water ready to make some green tea to go with your Green Potato Hash Omelette 👍


With love,

Sindy ❤️


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Creating My Spring Garden

Any day that I can be in the garden is a good day. I love the smell, the sights, the sounds. I love the feel of the dirt in my hands & the anticipation of some juicy produce on the table. Life just feels bountiful when I grow my own food. Below is the video I took while outside doing the thing I love the most in the world….

There are some things I would like to point out that didn’t get mentioned in the video.

First thing is the soil I’m using is organic. I always try my best to use organic soil because, for me it yields better tasting fruits & veggies.

The second thing I’d like to mention is my dog Nina is a rescue from Puerto Rico and her name is Spanish for “girl”. The second “n” should have a squiggly line on top of it, but my keyboard wouldn’t give me that option. 😕

The next thing to point out is the cart I’m using is a fishing cart that my husband won in a raffle. He hardly ever uses it, I had to dig it out from underneath some a pile of stuff on the side of the house so I could use it for gardening. It works great, I’m so happy I thought of it 😃

Another thing that’s interesting to know is, when I made the bed for the squash & sugar snap peas, I dug a trench deep enough to lay a banana tree trunk in it. Once a banana tree trunk grows a bunch of bananas, it dies and a little one starts growing right next to it. Once the bananas are ripe, I cut down the trunk and put it in the trench and used my shovel to split it open so that it covers the whole inside of the trench, then I cover it with my organic soil and plant the seeds. It holds water, which is what I need here in Florida because we have such sandy soil, the water drains away fast. It also provides lots of nutrients for the young seedlings and it will continue to provide lot of food for the mature plants in the months to come.

A funny thing to note is Lavern is one of three chickens. I live in a regular neighborhood, just like most. But in our area we are allowed to have two chickens. We originally got three and sadly one of them died, leaving us with two. But, we really wanted to have three, so we went back to get another one. The lady at the feed store said we couldn’t get just one chicken, they needed to be in pairs because our other two wouldn’t accept just one chicken into their little click. So we told her we were really only supposed to have two chickens. She laughed and said, “believe me, your neighbors have ten.” LOL 😃 So we got two more, but unfortunately one of them died and the other two ended up including the single chicken into their group ❤️

At this point I should say that I’m working on using permaculture principles in my yard. This means that most of the plants in my yard are perennials that once established need little to no care. The goal of permaculture is to create a food forest, and just like in a forest you need layers. The first layer are tall trees, I have a Poinsettia tree, a Mulberry tree and I’m also growing some Coconut Palms, but they’re still quite small. The second layer down are smaller trees, like Banana and Moringa, then come the bushes like berries, tapioca & Cranberry Hibiscus. The next layer down would be even smaller plants like herbs & flowers, then ground cover like mint and then root veggies like Sweet Potato.

Thanks for dropping by…

With love,

Sindy ❤️

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Building A Sustainable Organic World

When I first started gardening on this piece of property, I just used a little patch of land on the side of the house….


Next we decided to add some chickens….


Compost & extending the garden….

One of our little chicks died 🙁


Lots of mulch!!


Lots more planting goin’ on….

Crazy looking bug 😮


Adding some raspberries & bananas to the mix…


You reap what you S.O.W….

The whole yard has become the garden….


garden love


Caterpillar to Butterfly


More Chickens!!

Garden Love 11-13

Garden Love


Reaping what you S.O.W. can be so much fun!!



Hope you enjoyed the progress & the tour <3 Keep checking back because a gardener is never finished…Have a happy day!! 😀





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7 Steps To Create Change Before Change, Changes You!

Before you get started creating the change you want to see in your life, I would like to begin with a quote that I heard years ago from Dr. Phil,

You can’t change, what you don’t acknowledge.

You will only be able to create the change you want to see in your life when you first acknowledge that you need to change. Since you are here reading this right now I will have to assume you are ready for change.

BUT, not so fast…

There is something else you will need to know before you start creating change in your life…DON’T RUSH!!

Change does not happen overnight. It has taken many years for you to get to where you are now. You have collected up many ideas & beliefs about life and have stored them all up in your subconscious. So, now it’s time to examine and clean out all the cache & cookies you have stored up through a lifetime of experiences.

A lot of how you view life comes from your perspective, your perspective has come from all the influences you’ve had from parents, teachers, friends & family. Through each phase of your life you have developed ideas & beliefs about life that have, inadvertently come from, not only the influence of people, but also, your challenges & the environment you grew up in.

So, that being said, if you want to change you need to slowly examine where your ideas & beliefs about life, yourself & others come from. Here are the topics we will cover in this program…

Step 1: Laying the foundation…

  • Acceptance
  • Allowing
  • Action

Step 2: Have some fun…

  • Imagine
  • Create
  • Share

Step 3: Get to know yourself…

  • I am
  • I be
  • I do

Step 4: Opening your heart…

  • To receive
  • To love
  • To give

Step 5: Interacting with others…

  • Listen
  • Process
  • Communicate

Step 6: Using your intuition…

  • Life lessons
  • Inner knowing
  • Teaching

Step 7: Spirituality…

  • Meditaiton
  • Belief
  • Prayer

All these aspects of your life make up your entire life. You will have to dig around inside yourself, unearth some positive & negative emotions, separate out what you want to keep & what you want to let go of and then, plant the seeds for lasting change.

Let’s get started….












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Full Moon in Aries, October 5th, 2017

Activate Your Universe


The October full Moon is also the Harvest Full Moon. The harvest full moon is when the moon is closest to the Northen Hemispher and the beginning of preperation for Winter. Native Indians saw this as the time to start hunting and gathering food and necessary essentials before Winter begins.

Aries Full Moon is full of fire and spice and everything nice. Passion and intensity will be a big part of this day and week. Feeling the need to fight for what you believe in is what it’s all about. This will come from a passion within that is not always apparent and obvious. It will be important to communicate your needs with love and tame the beast within that wants to be released. Although Mercury has a strong opposition to the Moon this can be overwhelming and it can be hard to find the appropriate words. All of this is happening in the house of one on one relationships and self needs.  Balancing the two is often difficult, however this is a time to let them work together for the greater good without judgement or guilt.

While normally the Full Moon is a time to sit back and let the Universe work for you, this Full Moon signals action (Aries) to prepare for shorter days and colder weather. As the bright Sun shines its light on the delicate Moon and exposing the emotional side of your life, Mercury is also sitting opposite the Moon demanding that these emotions are communicated and issues resolved.

The two great lovers of the Universe are having a romantic meet up right now and adds a second level of emotions to the mix. Mars and Venus have been chasing each other around the Zodiac for a long time now and finally they are together. Their meeting will not last long so use this energy to feel the connection with those you love. Add some excitement to the evening by sharing a candle light dinner with your family. Open your heart and mind to possibilities beyond your control and embrace your inner passion to make a difference in this world.

Aries full Moon is full of action, passion, war and peace. Like the Native Indians it is time to store your energy and harvest your love so you can concur the cold and dark moments in life.

Activate Your Universe has what you need to help you understand the energies that embrace you. Visit and let me know what I can do for you.


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September, 2017 Monthly Astrology Guide

Activate you Universe!


September 2017, Aries 21 March – 20 April…

Application and practical measures are the name of the game for you this month, dear Aries. Your Sun is blasting off this month in your 6th house of health and order. By now you are in the full swing of routines with summer coming to an end and it feels good. Reorganizing and clearing clutter is what you are focused on this month. It will be about putting motion to the thought, working together in your daily activities to make it all go smoothly. Shifting gears from the internal energy of Leo to a more serving energy of Virgo can sometimes be hard in the beginning, however you have already thought about this and prepared as best you could. This does not combat the anxiety, so be sure to take a break every now and then, it does not all have to be today! The Full Moon in Pisces can work to your advantage as the power of intuition sometimes escapes you. As the Full Moon appears on Sept. 6th and will be seen in your 12th house of Spirituality, you will have no choice but to get a little clairvoyant and have a premonition or two. Your Sun is sitting opposite the moon in the 6th house requiring you to make an emotional commitment to incorporate your spirituality with your daily routine and wellbeing.  Mars is also there to push you along as he has entered your 6th house just the day before. Your energy will be strong and you have the capacity to make the adjustments for this to happen without stress. Saturn is also in a great position to help out with the discipline and strength to pull it off. One thing to mention is that Neptune will be present in the 12th house as well and is very comfortable in making thing appear differently then they seem.  This is not meant to be hurt you, but to make you think. However, the potential for emotional outbursts and misunderstanding are strong and it is probably better to walk away and contemplate the situation before acting. Stay focused on clearing the clutter because the New Moon on Sept 20th gives you a chance to evaluate and make changes to help streamline your daily activities. However, these changes come with a very familiar feeling as your Moon and Uranus do a little dance. One is saying “forget the rules, who has time for that” and the other “there is an order of things that must be followed”.  You are no stranger to this, but now the shoe is on the other foot and you must choose one from the other. On a lighter note, on Sept 30th another very familiar dance is taking place between Mars and Venus who will not take second place to anything. The love gates open and these two unite with a clear and pure objective, so in turn you will keep your intentions clear and pure as usual.

September 2017, Taurus 21 April – 21 May…

Do you ever look at yourself and say “I am perfect”? Well, this is the month that you actually feel it.  I know, I know, you really don’t feel that way, however you are not one to be too critical of yourself either. Your Sun is perfectly placed in your 5th house boosting your confidence and creative spirit. This activation comes at a special time as Pluto is working in your house of career. This may be a time to rethink your passion and reinvent yourself in the work place. However, your mind is still on the fun activities that have consumed your summer.  You will want to make one last effort to get out and about before the cold weather begins and the Full Moon in Pisces will help to make it happen.  Your emotional connection to friends will be strong and you are in the mood for fun in the Sun. Uranus is working in your 1st house sitting opposite Jupiter in the 7th house of relationships. This is a good time to evaluate yourself and the roll you play in your personal relationships. Change is necessary, but not always easy for you, so be sure to understand what your expectations are before moving in any direction. Jupiter is asking you to form spiritual bonds and not superficial connections. As the month progresses these feelings become even more strong. Conflicts are resolved by Sept. 15th and you could have a change of heart that will have a great impact on your perspective in life. The fun and excitement of the month continues through to the New Moon in Virgo on Sept. 20th. This all happens in your 5th house being joined with Mars, Sun and Venus. All this energy is powerful and can be a little overwhelming. Take your time to easy into this New Moon with pure intentions, concentrating on health issues should become a priority at this time. When the Sun moves into Libra you will be able to see the efforts necessary for time with family matters. Stress levels are high on Sept 28th as Jupiter moves opposite Uranus in your 6th house probing you to take a more holistic approach to your wellbeing. Less physical activity will be in order and more soul searching. Moving on to the main event for the month is the clear connection between your ruling planet Venus and Her Love, Mars. They have been chasing around the universe for this moment for some time and like you, they need to spend a little time in a quiet place to feel the love and affection even if it is only for a short while.  This reboots your energy and renews your faith in the one you love.

September 2017, Gemini 22 May – 21 June…

The 4th house is about your roots, foundations and values. This is the place where you formed your perception of family. As the Virgo Sun moves through your 4th house it is combing through your past relations with parents, siblings and childhood memories. These are not always pleasant and now is the time for healing.  Things heat up as Mars makes its move joining the Sun in this house on Sept. 5th at the same time Mercury goes direct.  All this activity has your mind racing and it will be near impossible to keep it all inside.  Passion, intensity and active communication could spell misunderstandings and miscommunication. Keep in mind that these energies are positive and together can make a powerful statement. Choose your words wisely or else you will not get the results you need. This month is about reconciliation of old wounds, which is necessary for you to move on in life. Don’t be quick to judge as libra is heading up your 5th house and can only leave you holding the bag. Self-fulfilment is a great reward as long as you are prepared for the outcome. Sept 11th is a good day for you, Gemini with a big trine in your chart connecting your Sun with Uranus allowing for changes within your own perception of yourself. Uranus is stationed in your 12th house and your Sun in the 4th. This creates a shift or ending to childhood issues allowing for emotional satisfaction. Being able to see a light at the end of the tunnel will help you to gain momentum and freedom. Pluto in the 8th house and is also trine your Sun, pushing for a new outlook and change within yourself and how you look at your past. As the New Moon approaches in Virgo on Sept. 20th you will begin to analyze your childhood emotional connections. Healing is in order, although it could be harder see on this day due to all the planetary energy you will be experiencing at this time. After a good cry, you will be ready to join the group on Sept. 23nd as the Sun Moves into Libra in your house of creativity and fun. The social sign of Libra will help to lift your spirits and get you back into the swing of things.

September 2017, Cancer 22 June – 23 July…

What!  Did you say something?  LOL It will definitely be hard for you to keep your comments to yourself this month as your Sun is perched in your 3rd house of communications. The funny thing is what most people may not realize is that Cancers have a great ability to say the things other people are thinking. While you don’t find this a problem others may seem to differ. That being said, this month nobody is going to stop you from saying what you need to say. Mercury is the ruler of the third house and when he starts moving forward the action begins. It will be a very interesting month for you, chatty catty, and you will have fun no matter what.  If anyone can get away with words it’s you. Learning new things is another great force for you right now and is the perfect time to take a class or share ideas with others. Listening is fine way to learn new things and gain more information, that is if you can stay quiet long enough. This is a time to get out there and soak in the vibrations and experiences around you, it will only benefit you mind and give you more information which is what you are craving this month. Mercury moves direct on Sept. 5th and the Full Moon arrives on Sept 6th providing such great forces in your life. The Full Moon is in Pisces and provides a ton of intuition and vibrations for you to learn and grow. Ready for some great news, because this is the day for it. From Sept. 8th through the 22nd the combined energies of Mars, Sun, Mercury and the New Moon will have a profound effect on you and will ignite an explosion that will be hard to contain. All this energy can lead to arguments and frustrations, so be sure to keep yourself in check. Neptune is working in your 9th house planning a surprise that can be distracting you from seeing the reasons for your anxiety. Meditation and yoga can help ease the stresses and get your perspective back on track. The New Moon on Sept. 20th in Virgo will guide you to understanding as your emotional connections become at one with your ambition and goals. Writing a list of ideas and following a course of action is best at this time. When the Sun transitions from Virgo to Libra your loyalties return to home and family. It will become clear the choices you have and what the outcome needs to be.

 September 2017, Leo 24 July – 23 August…

You have made your bed…. Now it is time to get up and start your month. After all the birthday activities, you probably need a rest.  Well, that may be what others may think, but that is not what you are about. The work you have been putting in place for a while now will start to gain momentum and this will give you time to let it fester. It may be hard to refrain from purchasing more goodies than you need, especially as the energy moves away from you and moves into a more practical mood. All your hard work will pay off this month and now it is time to use your time wisely. Reorganize and strengthen your relationships with those who are working for the same goals. The Full Moon in Pisces on Sept. 6th will be a powerful one for you as the inner connection with your soul and your life’s work come together at this time along with the force of Mars giving you a good push. When Mercury starts its journey forward on Sept. 5th it will be a great time to expose your ideas and make a grand appearance with a group of investors. Your power point presentation will be a huge success and will be impressive. This has the potential to be a game changer in your life so it is best to take your time and get it right the first time. It is important to keep yourself on track and remember that slow and steady wins the race. It will be a very emotional time for you as the Moon is placed in your 8th house for the Full Moon. Focusing on the tasks at hand will benefit you greatly. All efforts on your part will come to a point of closure and although exciting, it may feel as though the future is uncertain, but good things are happening. The New Moon in Virgo on Sept. 20th allows for a clearer mind and relief from the stresses you have been under. The union of so many planets in your 2nd house indicate that all your planning will be activated and will now begin to move forward. Your passion and goals are all in moving in the same direction and it is invigorating. After the New Moon, the energy will lighten giving you a chance to catch your breath and focus on health and routine. When the Sun moves into the social butterfly, Libra, on Sept. 23rd you find it easy to socialize and join in the fun. Open yourself up to meeting new people and engaging in stimulating conversations. The end of the month you may find love as Mars and Venus make a rondeau secretly behind the light of the Sun. Don’t be shy and give it a try.


September 2017, Virgo 24 August – 23 September…

Happy Birthday dear Virgo!  September is an interesting time for you and it is going to be an exciting journey. There is a lot of action for you as you move towards the Full Moon on September 6th. Not only will you have the bright Full Moon in Pisces lighting a path of full emotional exposure; Mercury goes direct, and the all-powerful Mars into your sign on Sept. 5th.  Yes, this is all happening in your first house of self where your Sun is anxiously waiting for the action to begin.  As Leo slides off into your 12th house of endings and your Sun illuminates your first house it is an exciting time to let go of old habits and beliefs and be reborn with a power to claim to your own truths. The Full Moon in Pisces opposite your Sun will be an important event as it will expose critical elements of personal relationships and could highlight deception or missed opportunity. This is time to connect with your emotional feelings and listen to your intuition. Like I stated before, this is a time for you to begin fresh, so in any situation should be evaluated differently, with a new perspective and attitude.  Mars, Mercury and your Sun are all in your corner pushing you along for answers. But don’t be sad, this is a cleansing and not meant to be scary or hurtful. It will be important to note this day and pay attention to close partnerships. Where there is change there is always a chance of misunderstandings especially with Neptune sitting in your 7th house. Now let us take a look at what Mars has to say as he moves into you 1st house of self.  He is very comfortable here as this is his domain and will want to show you the ropes.  Your ambition will be strong this month and people will want to hear what you have to say.  Take charge of situations, however it is important to understand that your energy will be high and could be hard for others to keep up. This will be aggravating for you as you have been on a lull lately and now that you have the momentum you will not want to waste it.  Speaking clearly should not be an issue once Mercury is moving in full force after September 7th.  Full Moons are meant to provide clarity so take the opportunity to listen to the emotional connections and what they really mean to you. September 9th through the 15th is a great time for you with Saturn/Jupiter/Venus are all in favorable aspects making it a good time for commitments or making big purchases. This is also a great time to express your feelings to someone special, schedule an important meeting or ask for that promotion you so deserve. September 20th the New Moon in Virgo, along with your Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus all in your sign of Virgo makes this event spectacular and explosive. Don’t be overwhelmed; be flattered and appreciate this time to truly make long lasting changes that are sure to affect your life dramatically.  Are you ready for it?  This comes at the best time as the dance of love between Venus and Mars heats up on August 30th and as they move together in harmony and love will be in the air. You should definitely take advantage, because all this action that is swirling around you, is bound to have positive consequences.


September 2017, Libra 24 September – 23 October…

September is all about preparation for your yearly rebirth in October as your Sun quietly meditates in your 12th house of spirituality and endings.  Finding balance with your inner and outer self is what this month is about for you.  There is a power surge at the Full Moon on Sept. 6th and Mars enters the 12th house on Sept 5th, encouraging you to take action and embrace what lies ahead for the year. The Full Moon is in Pisces sitting opposite your Sun in the 6th house of health. This is a time to contemplate your health and start taking steps to heal your emotional pains. Pisces is the ruler of the 12th house and has the compassion to guide you through your spiritual journey as you dive deep to understanding yourself. At this time, you will feel a bit clairvoyant and you will find clarity in family matters that have been lingering for some time. Use this energy to put aside controversy and look to understand the situation from a different point of view. Leave behind the fear of disconnecting and embrace a freedom that has long been waiting for you.  September is an extension of August and spending time with close friends are encouraged, this is a time for building on strong relationships and not meant to be wasted on mere acquaintances. Jupiter is working in your first house in libra requiring you to find balance with who you are and how other people see you. Facing the truth will also help to keep you in tune with your own values and beliefs. Because of all the extra energy being forced in this area of your chart you will feel drained and in need of more rest than usual.  Take every opportunity to conserve your energy, you won’t regret it. We all need some down time from our busy lives and this is the opportunity for you to make the most of it.  Although you can be a bit lazy, don’t mistake your lack of energy this month as laziness. It is just your time to sit back and relax a bit. By Mid-month you will be feeling more like yourself and is the perfect time for making new commitments for the next coming month.  As you approach the New Moon in Virgo on Sept. 20th you will find the energy and mental stimulation to analyze situations and develop a great plan. All this is still happening in your 12th house of endings so where most signs will be setting new intentions you will be closing chapters of your life and looking forward to what lies ahead. There is so much activity happening and it will be hard to step back and evaluate the next step, but understand it is necessary and if you set your mind to it you can accomplish anything. Rounding out your astrological year is the pleasant reunion between Mars and Venus who have been chasing each other around the zodiac.  Their meeting happens on August 30th and is a great time to feel the love that is around you and be thankful for all the great gifts you have received this past year.


September 2017, Scorpio 24 October – 22 November…

It is time to come out from under the rock you have been hiding under, Dear Scorpio.  I know, you may not be ready but it will grow on you as your Sun enters your 11th house of friendships, organizations and humanitarian action. The energy surrounding you this month will promote new friendships that are both beneficial and fun. Mars starts off in your 10th house of career and has caused quite a stir. August was a month of big opportunities that may have yet to be fulfilled, but don’t fret. This month is about letting the universe do the work and now it is time for you to socialize and be a part of the community. Who knows, it could provide even more momentum for your future. As the Full Moon in Pisces comes around on Sept. 6th you will begin to have a clear picture of just what you need. You have done all you can do, it is now time to let the Universe do the job. The Pisces Full Moon will shed light on what you are truly looking for in career and life. This will show you that the important things in life do not always have to be driven by purpose; it is about family, friends and sharing life with those who truly care about you. The Full Moon in your 5th house gives an emotional reason for creative projects that are meant to fulfill your soul and the magic of Neptune is sending the fairy dust that will give you the ability to fly. The majority of this month the energy is behind you and is encouraging you to speak up.  As Mars, Mercury and the Sun all move into your 11th house exploding your magnetism beyond the boundaries. People want to hear what you have to say and you have the power to make lasting impressions to those who are listening. Take this opportunity and open yourself to discussions that challenge others for a friendly debate and nothing more.  Arguments are definitely possible; however, Jupiter is close and has a favorable aspect to your Sun on Sept. 15th. This is a great day to make amends to anyone you feel you may have offended or if you just need to clear the air.  Invite them for a cup of coffee to discuss issues with compassion and love in your heart. Saturn also is working to help you bring discipline to your actions and efforts in making friends.  These are steps that will make a lasting impression for the future as the New Moon arrives on Sept. 20th in Virgo you will have the opportunity to analyze and draw your map for the coming lunar cycle. This time is should include your new-found peeps. Your involvement in relief efforts will be forthcoming so be sure you engage and be a part of the bigger picture.  These are the types of things that will eventually fill your soul and create memories to last a life time.  The exciting news for you this month is your ruling planet Pluto goes direct on Sept. 28th and there is so much to look forward to because this is will be a sort of rebirth for you and this comes just before Mars and Venus meet up for their rondeau on August 30th bringing love and admiration.  Take the opportunity to look for the signs. If you are so determined to make this month about purpose, remember being social and joining groups are good ways to promote yourself and create opportunities.


September 2017, Sagittarius 23 November – 21 December…

The great Archer is setting sites high in your 10th house of career, social status and honor. While you are not one to put much thought or emphasis on these things, there does come a time when it is important to grow in this direction in order to achieve your ultimate goal of having fun. I pegged it didn’t I.  lol…..Right now, your Sun is planted in your career house and will give you a month of hard working and goal oriented game. This may be just so you can take a well-deserved vacation, non-the less it is about pulling up your sleeves and getting it done. This will be more apparent when Mars set into action in your 10th house on Sept. 5th and Mercury right behind him. This ramps up the energy. Be careful not to overdo it though, it could have a negative effect on those who are watching. The Full Moon in Pisces could bring you a little perspective on your motives. The Full Moon is sitting opposite your Sun in the 4th house of roots and foundations. It would suggest that your drive is to maybe retire early or you really need a “family” vacation. This also comes at a time when Mercury goes direct (Sept. 5th) allowing you the opportunity to communicate your needs in the work place and financial goes for your end game and will also help provide you clarity in your motives. Being creative about your finances are also a big part of this month as there will be some shift in finances that will require your attention. You have a great power of leadership happening right now so take advantage of it by putting your big ideas to work. September 20th New Moon in Virgo will have your mind on travel as Sagittarius is hanging out in your 1st house and urging you remember your adventurous spirit.  Your analytical nature will be highlighted at this time and you are urged to strategically plan out your future. This could include purchasing a vacation or retirement destination.  Communication will be especially important for you this month and that is a good thing. The favorable aspects with Jupiter, Sun, and Saturn all help you to make good use of all this energy surging through your 10th house giving you the stamina to get through the month with a plan in mind for the fun and adventurous future with the comforts and fulfillment to your soul and purpose in life. As the Sun Moves into Libra at the end of the month and we witness the union of Mars and Venus your attention will shift to your family and the love that is in your heart, because really that’s what it is all about.


september 2017, Capricorn 22 December – 20 January…

Changes are happening and that is not always comfortable but most definitely necessary at times. Your Sun is glowing in your 9th house of adventure and truth. This is about your truth and seeking answers, going back to school or taking a journey. Oh, the fire is just starting and it will be a hot, hot, hot month for you. The Virgo Sun likes to pick apart situations in order to understand the big picture, and with her sitting in your 9th house of truth seeking, your mind will be full of “what if’s”.  The good thing about this is that you have a grand opportunity to sort and categorize things; which is something you love to do and will help you come to a sound conclusion in the end. What is in store for you this month? Let’s break it down in a good old fashion Capricornian way. First off is Mercury going direct on Sept. 5th and provides relief from what has seemed like running in place for you. This is a great time to begin projects that have been stagnant or have completely stalled. Make sure you don’t bring them all out at once. This happens at the same time Mars and Mercury move into your 9th house igniting a fire under your feet to get the job done.  Don’t be alarmed, it is meant to be playful and exciting, BEATHE, you will be fine. Second, Venus is in your 8th house providing love and support for your revival of old projects or love. Because you have this support it is the opportune time dust off and start fresh with a new perspective. Third is the Full Moon on Sept. 6th in Pisces. This Full Moon is looking at your Sun from the 3rd house of Communication and is ruled by Mercury. This is an excellent time for you in a sense that doors will be open for you to speak your ideas without interruption. All this energy is pointing to an opportunity to begin with a clear objective and others will take notice. Fourth, there is a great aspect between Saturn, Jupiter and your Sun from Sept. 12th through 15th. These are great days to make commitments. Make sure you write them down because you could have a tendency to over book yourself. This will cause stress that you don’t need this month. You are on a roll and you don’t want to break the positive vibes. Fifth up is the New Moon in Virgo on Sept. 20th. Wow! This is a winner for you! Moon, Mars, Sun and Mercury all in Virgo in your 9th house things are going to happen.  Set you intentions high and make sure you document everything. The details can get fussy with Neptune in your Third house so it is important that you have everything written down or even make a video. This is a good way to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Lastly there is the magical event with Mars and Venus that will be worth the wait. Feel the love and support. Travel plans may be in order as this month is full of adventure, fun and excitement as you make a new story with old characters.


September 2017, Aquarius 21 January – 19 February…

Let me set the stage for an enlightening experience for you this month.  Your Virgo sun is sitting the darkness of your 8th house. The pure soul deep in the heart of the underworld. Ok so maybe I’m aggerating a bit, but it’s not far from the truth.  The Virgo Sun is in your 8th house of death and rejuvenations. It is a time for you to take a deep breath and evaluate the situation. Virgo is a great sign for this as she is very analytical and always is looking for the pure and simple action. Listen to your intuition for most situations this month. A little time alone may be necessary to get away for the noise and clear your mind.  Things have been a bit fussy with Mercury in Retrograde, but this soon ends on Sept. 5th, and you will feel much more in control of your own thoughts. Don’t feel bad if you are not feeling like being the social butterfly. This energy is very foreign to you and you may feel like you are getting sick.  Nope it’s Just the Universe asking you to chill out and detach. This time of year, is meant for you to re-evaluate current events and make adjustments so you can move forward with as little stress a possible.  The Full Moon in Pisces on Sept. 6th will add a bit of an emotional twist to the mix as you will be well advised to look over finances and possibly finding new investments. This is because the Full Moon will be illuminating your 2nd house of resources that can be helpful.  Using your intuition will be key to working out your budgets and utilizing your resources. This is also a good time to promote yourself as your communication skills will be activated with Mercury and Mars working together. Although you work well with others, this is not a good time to begin new partnerships and would be better left for the end of the month.  Gather your information and do your research before making any commitments, however you have the right energy to accomplish the detective work.  Look forward to some changes in mid-month as you come up on the New Moon in Virgo on Sept. 20th that has the potential to affect your long- term investments. The Virgo New Moon will help you to re-evaluate your current situation in order to improve your long-term goals. If you need a day to lay low you may want to consider Sept. 28th.  All this excitement from the month will come to a head as the Sun Transitions from Virgo to Libra having you second guessing your actions. Family will become focus, but with all your success it will be harder to find the time. As emotional as this will be, remember your long-term agenda. Planning time off with the family may be what it takes to bring you out of the funk and this is not just a weekend away its about putting the phone down and giving your full attention to the company around you. Feel the love on August 30th and be proud of your accomplishments.


September  2017, Pisces 20 February – 20 March…

This month starts off heading underground for some detective work to discover the beauty within your closest relationships. Your Sun is shining brighter now, more than usual as it begins to descendance into the 7th house of one on one relationships.  When this happens, there is an extra boost of confidence and energy that projects your truth on to others. In doing this you have the mind and the soul to win over partners and create special bonds. The beauty of Virgo is working to help you categorize the importance of how your relationships have evolved. This is about intimate close relationships between you and another, not relationships in general. Your Moon (1st house) is ruler over your emotions and Pisces is ruler of intuition giving you a great balance in feeling connections and understanding the effect on your life. On Sept. 5th as Mercury starts its forward motion and Mars moves into your 7th house you will begin to feel the action pushing you to act quickly. Remember to stay grounded and don’t get to far ahead of yourself. These two are working opposite your 1st house and can have your head spinning with all the information and support you get from those closest to you. Sept. 5th through the 15th is a great time to negotiate contracts while your mind is witty and alert. Full Moons have a deep effect on Pisces and most of the time I may ask you to lay low, however this Full Moon on Sept. 6th is in your sign and appears in your 1st house of self. The glow is like magic, and should be felt by everyone. Pluto is active in your 11th house of group, organizations and Neptune is putting fairy dust on your soul. This is an exciting day to break out your magic wand and spread love and cheer to those in need. Your sixth house has been quiet for a while and you probably have noticed a lull in your energy and health routines as Venus is now active in this house. Be kind to your body, now is a good time for a purification or cleanses. Clear your mind as you move though this month towards the New Moon on Sept. 20th. This New Moon is going to feel more like a Full Moon to you. The energy will be high and the New Moon in Virgo will have you rethinking a current relationship and with Mars sitting opposite Neptune things could get very heated. It will all settle down as the Sun moves into Libra bringing balance and with the union of Mars and Venus on August 30th , love will be in the air.

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