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Creating My Spring Garden

Any day that I can be in the garden is a good day. I love the smell, the sights, the sounds. I love the feel of the dirt in my hands & the anticipation of some juicy produce on the table. Life just feels bountiful when I grow my own food. Below is the video I took while outside doing the thing I love the most in the world….

There are some things I would like to point out that didn’t get mentioned in the video.

First thing is the soil I’m using is organic. I always try my best to use organic soil because, for me it yields better tasting fruits & veggies.

The second thing I’d like to mention is my dog Nina is a rescue from Puerto Rico and her name is Spanish for “girl”. The second “n” should have a squiggly line on top of it, but my keyboard wouldn’t give me that option. 😕

The next thing to point out is the cart I’m using is a fishing cart that my husband won in a raffle. He hardly ever uses it, I had to dig it out from underneath some a pile of stuff on the side of the house so I could use it for gardening. It works great, I’m so happy I thought of it 😃

Another thing that’s interesting to know is, when I made the bed for the squash & sugar snap peas, I dug a trench deep enough to lay a banana tree trunk in it. Once a banana tree trunk grows a bunch of bananas, it dies and a little one starts growing right next to it. Once the bananas are ripe, I cut down the trunk and put it in the trench and used my shovel to split it open so that it covers the whole inside of the trench, then I cover it with my organic soil and plant the seeds. It holds water, which is what I need here in Florida because we have such sandy soil, the water drains away fast. It also provides lots of nutrients for the young seedlings and it will continue to provide lot of food for the mature plants in the months to come.

A funny thing to note is Lavern is one of three chickens. I live in a regular neighborhood, just like most. But in our area we are allowed to have two chickens. We originally got three and sadly one of them died, leaving us with two. But, we really wanted to have three, so we went back to get another one. The lady at the feed store said we couldn’t get just one chicken, they needed to be in pairs because our other two wouldn’t accept just one chicken into their little click. So we told her we were really only supposed to have two chickens. She laughed and said, “believe me, your neighbors have ten.” LOL 😃 So we got two more, but unfortunately one of them died and the other two ended up including the single chicken into their group ❤️

At this point I should say that I’m working on using permaculture principles in my yard. This means that most of the plants in my yard are perennials that once established need little to no care. The goal of permaculture is to create a food forest, and just like in a forest you need layers. The first layer are tall trees, I have a Poinsettia tree, a Mulberry tree and I’m also growing some Coconut Palms, but they’re still quite small. The second layer down are smaller trees, like Banana and Moringa, then come the bushes like berries, tapioca & Cranberry Hibiscus. The next layer down would be even smaller plants like herbs & flowers, then ground cover like mint and then root veggies like Sweet Potato.

Thanks for dropping by…

With love,

Sindy ❤️


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