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Building A Sustainable Organic World

When I first started gardening on this piece of property, I just used a little patch of land on the side of the house….


Next we decided to add some chickens….


Compost & extending the garden….

One of our little chicks died 🙁


Lots of mulch!!


Lots more planting goin’ on….

Crazy looking bug 😮


Adding some raspberries & bananas to the mix…


You reap what you S.O.W….

The whole yard has become the garden….


garden love


Caterpillar to Butterfly


More Chickens!!

Garden Love 11-13

Garden Love


Reaping what you S.O.W. can be so much fun!!



Hope you enjoyed the progress & the tour <3 Keep checking back because a gardener is never finished…Have a happy day!! 😀






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