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Full Moon in Aries, October 5th, 2017

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The October full Moon is also the Harvest Full Moon. The harvest full moon is when the moon is closest to the Northen Hemispher and the beginning of preperation for Winter. Native Indians saw this as the time to start hunting and gathering food and necessary essentials before Winter begins.

Aries Full Moon is full of fire and spice and everything nice. Passion and intensity will be a big part of this day and week. Feeling the need to fight for what you believe in is what it’s all about. This will come from a passion within that is not always apparent and obvious. It will be important to communicate your needs with love and tame the beast within that wants to be released. Although Mercury has a strong opposition to the Moon this can be overwhelming and it can be hard to find the appropriate words. All of this is happening in the house of one on one relationships and self needs.  Balancing the two is often difficult, however this is a time to let them work together for the greater good without judgement or guilt.

While normally the Full Moon is a time to sit back and let the Universe work for you, this Full Moon signals action (Aries) to prepare for shorter days and colder weather. As the bright Sun shines its light on the delicate Moon and exposing the emotional side of your life, Mercury is also sitting opposite the Moon demanding that these emotions are communicated and issues resolved.

The two great lovers of the Universe are having a romantic meet up right now and adds a second level of emotions to the mix. Mars and Venus have been chasing each other around the Zodiac for a long time now and finally they are together. Their meeting will not last long so use this energy to feel the connection with those you love. Add some excitement to the evening by sharing a candle light dinner with your family. Open your heart and mind to possibilities beyond your control and embrace your inner passion to make a difference in this world.

Aries full Moon is full of action, passion, war and peace. Like the Native Indians it is time to store your energy and harvest your love so you can concur the cold and dark moments in life.

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