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Solar Eclipse/New Moon August 21, 2017

New Moon Leo: Charge forward with the creativity from your heart.  Take the opportunities to grow in areas that server you best. Love like there is no tomorrow!

Solar Eclipse Leo New Moon, August 21, 2017

New Moons are a time to set intentions for the next Lunar Cycle; however, this New Moon is very special as we in the USA will experience a total Solar Eclipse. This time the Universe is asking you to set new intentions for life.  Whoa!! Heavy stuff, right?

This is eclipse season and you will have other opportunities to shift gears. However, with this New Moon in Leo we will see that it is important to focus on a life path that is in sync with our creative powers and emotional needs. As the Sun moves across the sky getting closer to the shadow of our Moon, there will be an emotional connection with what you want in life and where your passions begin.  This may require big changes, which I do not recommend until after Mercury turns direct on Sept. 5th – 7th; but the changes are necessary.  This could simply be understanding your current situation and learning to adjust your direction so that coping isn’t all you are doing.  It should be a big turning point for changing perception and becoming comfortable with who you are and where you are going.

Take your time in making big decisions; let them sit with you for a while and FEEL the outcome. Create your dream through imagination and joy, learn what will or will not work for you. The energy is intense as Mars is sitting directly on the other side of the Sun pushing his energy and expecting you to move things along.  This is not a bad thing as with great change come great stress and anxiety.  Mars is telling you to jump and that no decision is the wrong one.

The Sun is glowing in Leo and is sending the positive energy of self-love. This is giving you an opportunity to truly connect with your inner self. As the Moon shadows the sun, and crosses in its path it will shine the life light on your inner self exposing your inner emotions. This is a time to share without guilt or shame.  It is a time that some of you will experience an understanding of your own emotional intentions. That is not always apparent. Sometime you feel something that you can’t quite understand where it is coming from.  Well, this would be the time to have your clarity.

Pluto, Venus, and Jupiter are all working to make you dive deep into your soul and connect with your inner truth.  These are not always comfortable feelings and taking action can be quite shaking.  So hold on it’s a wild ride, but you can handle it.


“Stay in the light that shines deep within your heart; let Leo guide you to become the King of your own destiny.” 


Tracy Bruce


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