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Aquarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, August 7, 2017


Full Moon Aquarius: The phase of the Full Moon is a time for rest and reflection, and is especially important with Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. The partial Lunar Eclipse will be, by far, the most impressive aspect for today. Hold on to your emotions because it will be a bumpy ride and an experience that you will not understand right away. Stay grounded and process your feelings before letting them out for others to see.

Today’s Aquarian Full Moon will have a profound effect on your emotional well-being and the power to shift your reality in big ways. The Moons reflection will be partially hidden from view and so will your emotions. This is not only affecting your emotional connection to others but to yourself as well. As the Leo Sun sits opposite the Aquarian Moon, they are having a conversation about your relationships. On one hand our Leo Sun highlights the relationship between the individual, meaning you; Do you love yourself? Do you take care of yourself? Are you living your life? and this Full Moon will make these questions a lot harder to answer. This is because our Aquarian Moon wants you to disconnect from self and connect with the outside world the “collective”. How are others? How is your relationship with others? How do you serve others?….. Do you see the conundrum?

So reality for you can be blurry and hard to see or pin point how you feel or what direction you should go at this time. Changing direction or making decisions will be difficult because your emotional attachment will want to be outward while your heart is looking inward. The Aquarian shadows come to light, at this time, adding more detachment from the flow of your own emotions and the realities of life. It is a time where you may see people whom you haven’t seen in a long time or those that are close to you will suddenly disappear, leaving you to question yourself and your relationships or connection with others. Aquarian people like to be part of the pack; however, the Leo Sun is striving for you to make it on your own. Stay true to yourself and do not make other people’s issues yours.  The energy is not here to support that right now and can cause great problems for you in the future. Your focus is to be moving within your own light today. Disconnection from your heart; over-attachment holding on to the ideal life or perception of life are all part of this energy.

This is a nearing of the end that will bring new beginning as projects come to a close with respect to community, friendships and the giving of our own gifts to others. It is a time to reflect on your attachment to social activities as they may not be aligned with your hearts ambition. However, this is not an easy process with the energy being partially hidden as I stated earlier the Earth moves in the way of the light from our Leo Sun (Heart) and our emotional Aquarius Moon putting a fog over the ocean making it hard to see the rocks and waves.

The fog will lift, I promise, as a beautiful trine appears in the afternoon between the Moon and Jupiter you will feel the expansion begin to happen and tension will release. Remember to stay hopeful and look for the hidden meanings behind events that take place. Let the light of Jupiter guide you and spend time in contemplation. Wait for a clear view and calmer seas before making any sudden moves. Open and free your mind to break free of those things that no longer serve you emotionally and let your light shine in your own unique way. Be an individual that contributes to the collective without compromising your own dreams. Don’t be rude or distasteful; however, strive for a clear path. This takes courage and belief in yourself. I believe in you…

“Stay in the light that shines deep within your heart; let Leo guide you to become the King of your own destiny.” 

Aquarius Full Moon, Intellectual, Community, and Detachment are all the part of this energy.

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