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New Moon July 23, 2017

Activate Your Universe

“Set your intentions high for this New Moon and let it cover everything Leo”


A New Moon sits along-side the Sun and signifies the point of new beginnings.  The Sun is what drives you in life while the Moon is your emotional connection in life.  The Leo energy between the Sun and Moon will have you focusing on creativity, self-confidence and pride adding in the emotional connection for your own well-being. While there is always a chance of going too far, this combo you should have no problem finding the balance and making change.

Leo energy is so creative and wants nothing more than what is best for you.  It is not a time to think or work on others, let that be for another day.  Today you must concentrate on yourself. As the Sun and Moon work side-by-side there is no better energy to combine purpose and passion as you plan for the future month.  Ideas should be plenty, however if you find yourself stuck then you should spend a little time by yourself and meditation.

The Sun is the brightest luminary in our sky, it is the King of the heavenly bodies and is the giver of life.  Leo is ruled by the Sun so there is no wonder that when they are working together you have the power to shine above all the rest.

In Astrology, the Sun symbolizes our direct will or purpose and if we do not spend time each year nurturing our own directives and drive then our purpose cannot be realized. There is no shame in looking out for your own best interest; just know that everyone will be doing the same.  Watch your temperament when you do not get what you wish.  It is not personal, it is just someone else looking out for themselves.  You can find another way, don’t worry.

Leo and Sun Mythology:  The beginning of time the Sun was a “hero” born of Mother Earth as she possessed the four elements that comprised life – air, earth, fire and water, thus we call him Sun “SON”.

The Greeks believe the Sun is Apollo, the Greek god of light and truth, the perfect balance of masculine and feminine.  Apollo lived in the spot light, the most Greek of all the gods, he wanted a shrine that would also put him at the center of the world; therefore, he choose Delphi. After slaying the serpent that ruled the area ], Apollo built his shrine. He saw what he wanted and did what he needed to do to get it.  Later the laws that were handed down from Delphi were delivered by Oracles but were credited to Apollo.  The lesson given was “Nothing in Excess” and “Know Thyself”.  The Oracle tells mortals to keep things in balance by avoiding the excess of being too willful and overly confident, or arrogance and conceit will follow.

Larger than life is how Leo likes to play and today will be no different.  Dream big, because today is the day it has the power to come true.


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