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Full Moon in Scorpio May 10, 2017

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The phase of the full Moon is a time for rest and meditation after completing the work you have been doing since you set your New Moon intentions 14 days ago.  It is a time to let the energy work for you as you watch the story unfold in what you have been working so hard towards.

Full Moon in Scorpio is full of intense emotions, after all Scorpio is dark, deep and full of mystery.  You will have no doubt that the work will get done with this placement, however it may not be just as you envisioned.  Her beauty will shine in the 7th house of partnerships and one on one relationships. Commitments and agreements will feel heavy and hard to accomplish. Try not to focus on getting things done and focus on the way you feel about the work.  Does if serve you? Do you enjoy or “desire” to get it done? Does it drain your energy or will the satisfaction of fulfilling the task be best feeling in the world? Answering these questions will help you stay on task or understand it is not worth doing today.

Scorpio will require a deeper understanding of what you are looking for especially in the relationship department, demanding that you do the work to achieve a balance as the 7th house is the house of the scales and must be in balance and harmony. She is there to provide you with the ability to truly understand an emotional connection you want and deserve.  Scorpio Full Moon has the ability to tear down walls as much as it can slam the doors shut, so be open and honest to FEEL and DESIRE.  These are two key words for the Scorpio Mysteries. She will remind you to be thankful, however has a tenancy to fester resentment.  This Full Moon is sitting opposite the Aries Sun that will add fire to flame of passion. So be prepared for a steamy night ahead full of heat and intimacy.  There is a twist though the Male and Female aspects of this combinations are in a difficult position causing confusion and arguments.  But do not fret, help is on the way……

A trine between the Scorpio Moon and the Pisces Neptune will give you the ability to be sensitive to the situation. Intuitive Pisces at home with Neptune can snuff out the flame before it gets too intense. Your intuition will be on high alert so make sure you listen to it. Tapping into your creative abilities as an escape is another great way to use this aspect and create a calming environment.

Look for support from your Mother or a Mother figure at this time as the trine between the Moon and the Mid heaven creates a strong energy that is motherly and safe.  This is also a great energy to gain perspective to where your life is going and how to get there.  Meditate on finding your path to your ideal future and regaining the closeness of a long-lasting relationship.

Scorpio Moon, Intense, rebirth, feeling and desire are all the part of this energy.

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