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New Moon Taurus, April 26, 2017

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The New Moon on Monday April 26, 2017 is in Taurus

Taurus represents all that is comfortable, stable and home.  These are old souls that have much wisdom to share.  You just need to ask them, because they do not give advice or opinion willingly. There has been so much energy over the past month and we all could use a break. Right!  Well I can’t promise you that break, but I can say this is a time to step back and just be.  Breathe and ask this new moon for the wisdom and comfort that is within her power.

There are so many possibilities that surround us all the time, however most of the time they are obscure or hidden from plain site. Our New Moon in Taurus will help us to see the many blessings in our life that are small and close to home. This morning we woke to a lovely conjunction between the Sun and Moon in Taurus combined with Uranus and Mercury conjunct only a few minutes away in Aries. These aspects will have your spirits high and soring with determination and love.  Over the next few days, it will be necessary to stay in tuned with your beliefs all while taking time to be open to the many different ways to come to the same conclusion.  Normally, Uranus (Higher Mind) and Mercury (Lower Mind) have the same beliefs they just get to the conclusion a bit differently.  Today that is not the case.  They are sitting side by side having a loving conversation. Keep your mind free of clutter so you can hear what they have to say. You could be amazed at how it touches your life.

This is a day for innovative solutions at its highest potential with the ability to find a new understanding of your unique situation.  Expressing yourself today with kindness will open the doors to all the many possibilities that are out there. Just as you will find opportunities, you need to share opportunities, these go hand in hand.  You could just be the inspiration for someone else…. Smile and be happy for what you have, send it out into the Universe, it will come back to you with many blessings. 

Taurus New Moon message is to “live this moment; love all that you have and all that you are”.


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