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Libra Full Moon, April 11, 2:08am. EST

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This full Moon is both lucky and unlucky at the same time.  As you have been working this month on your New Moon Intentions it will be necessary to sit back and let the work you have done vibrate into the Universe.  The Full Moon is in Libra (scales) and will want to bring balance to one on one relationships and family matters.  It is also about Judgement, both being judged and judging others.

So here it is folks……

Our bright Luna is of course sitting opposite the Sun and putting the spot light on our emotions.  You can’t hide from this one.  Libra is about family so this will pertain mostly to personal relationships and usually with one person as opposed to a group of people.  Anyway, I’m getting side tracked.

As the Sun’s shining light is on the Moon, the Moon in turn is reflecting that light back on to Uranus thus giving Uranus additional support and power.  This could be a very good thing or cause complications that are not to be repaired. This Aspect will be felt for few day both before the Full Moon and after.  It is up to you witch way it will go.

Stay aware of your emotions when making decisions, they could be clouding your judgement.  Uranus in the spotlight can lead to destructive behavior when deep emotions are uncovered and it feels as though drastic changes are happening all around you.  Impulsive reactions are expected and has the power to break down relationships that will sever the ties. Due to the deep emotional bond created in personal relationships, we expect to be treated a certain way.  As I stated before, Libra is about justice and will make judgement on information that may be skewed by personal values or life expectations. This Aspect along with the Libra Full Moon will force you to deal with your relationship emotionally and can have a domino effect on changing your outlook forever.

Everything is not lost though; Uranus also has the power bring you a heightened awareness of yourself, an open mind, and even psychic perception. These affects are even more prominent now with Jupiter and Spica (star in the wheat of Virgo) sitting close by.  Tapping into this energy can get you through just about anything; all while teaching you about yourself in order to improve your relationships. To do this you must slow down, be aware of your feelings, ask questions on what your motives are or where the emotions are coming from and meditate before making any decisions that come up quickly or unexpected (Uranus). Step away from a heated situation or if you are feeling uncomfortable.  There will be time for rational discussion when the Full Moon has passed.


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