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New Moon March 27th, 2017-A time for renewal




The New Moon on Monday March 27, 2017 is in Aries. This is the first Moon Cycle of the Astrological Year as Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac.  It is a time for new beginnings and regiments that focus on you.

This New Moon is special in the wake of the Solar Eclipse that is still being felt within your core.  The past month has been spent on purging and then dealing with the choices that have been made. It is now time to pick up your boot straps and begin again.  It’s a fresh new start; a renewal of our inner being. You should spend time meditating on what you want without guilt or selfishness.  You will feel lighter and more self-assured as the Moon rests in Aries and is very close to Venus.  This combination is not especially active but brings a lot of emotional support.  Being your unique self is important for your own well-being and this is the time you will feel it most, so embrace this moment and let it fill you up for the months ahead.

Feeling so good has its advantages, however be aware of the temptations around you.  Venus is in retrograde and wants to feel love through beautiful, happy, plush and expensive things.  Be careful starting a new relationship or buying a luxury item that you really can’t afford. Once Venus goes direct these things will not hold as much value as they do right now.  Take your time in decisions and have fun with no commitment; the truth will reveal itself soon enough. If its “too good to be true” then it probably is just that.

Aries New Moon message is to “learn to love yourself” and everything else will fall into place.


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