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Lunar Eclipse February 10, 2017

 Activate Your Universe!


Lunar Eclipse February 10, 2017 will be in view from one end of the Earth to the other.  The highlight begins for us in the US at 5:34 pm with the greatest affect at 7:44 pm.   This is typical of the Aquarian Sun’s way of thinking which is to unite the World’s energy and mind. 

The eclipse occurs in Leo Moon sitting opposite the Aquarius Sun bringing the forces of creativity and self-recognition to new heights.  Leo is the Sun that motivates us to shine above all others.  The Eclipse will accentuate the feelings or needs to be become king or queen of our realm.  However, Aquarius is ruled by the transpersonal planet Uranus; therefore, this intellectual air sign is focused on the group mind.  The world’s eclectic mix of personalities must be able to work as a team to ensure the future of humankind as a whole.  Our differences can either help us to support each other or set us apart.  This is your choice!

The emphasis is on creative self-expression that may have been diminished recently due to the acts of others.   This lunation asks us to remember that we’re co-creators with life, and each of us has something unique to offer.  The powerful energy behind this Eclipse urges us to connect with our inner child, to become more playful, and to take risks, regardless of what others might think. Leo encourages us to be proud of our accomplishments and demonstrate our skills while Uranus says that our individuality is what makes us special.

The effects of an Eclipse can be more specific when compared to your natal chart Moon and house it influences.  Combine that with this event and you can find your true passion and creativity.  

Happy Lunar Eclipse!


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