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February 2017 Astrology Guide

February 2017, Aries 21 March – 20 April…This month it is time to fly high and spread your wings, Aries! The Sun is in Aquarius and in your 11th house of networking and collaborations until February 18. Friendships and positive connections will show up everywhere in the most unlikely places.  February will see you emerge like a butterfly making this a memorable month with big impacts for you and anyone who is fortunate enough to witness this Aries. Your personal individuality will become more important and help you to stay in tune with your beliefs and convictions.  This will be powerful as you work hard for a cause and break the chains of restrictions.  Your creative talents and romantic hopes are sparked with the Lunar Eclipse on the 11th. Staying focused on the plan is always your motto. However, it will be necessary to stay in tune with your intuitive and psychological needs as the Sun moves into the house of intuition and sensitivity at the end of the month.

 February 2017, Taurus 21 April – 21 May…Are you thinking of being the boss, dreaming of a day when you are in control?  Well the time is now. The Sun in Aquarius forcing through your tenth house of ambition and achievement will promise a unique way of making your dreams come true.   This is not a month for hanging out with friends; it’s a time for planning for the future, setting goals, and spending time with a mentor. It is a time to spend with someone you respect to get advice on your next step.  This is the month that packs a big punch for you Taurus to see your personal consciousness reach great heights. However, this may see you engaging with people or situations from your past in rather unexpected ways, particularly towards the end of the month. Energies or memories that have been buried deep within your psyche can come to the surface. The Lunar Eclipse on the 11th also suggests that your home, emotional and family life could need re-balancing against worldly demands.  A need for a more idealistic approach is you style and will emerge.

 February 2017, Gemini 22 May – 21 June…February is a month of growth and expansion for you Gemini as the Sun in Aquarius is in your ninth house of risk-taking, visionary ventures and travel, until February 18.  The opportunities will invite you to go big or go home.  Life’s little details tend to way you down but not this month. There is so much to look forward to, so widen your perspective and let the optimism flow. The amount of energy sparkling around you this month is brilliant, particularly around the 12th and the 20th as your ruling planet connects with Mars. New friendship and exciting encounters are possible. Your lust for life can be absolutely incredible, and although Jupiter goes into a rewind on the 6th, this simply gives you an opportunity to think more carefully about the people and situations which really inspire you. Work options get creative too especially as the Sun moves into your 10th house of profession, reputation and prestige.

February 2017, Cancer 22 June – 23 July…It may be time for a little underground self-analyzing action as the Sun in Aquarius sits in your 8th house until February 18th. The eight house is about rejuvenation, reflection, intimacy and privacy.  With the help of the Moons alignment with Venus and Mars in a more secluded zone of responsibility, you may want to take a step backward to give yourself a deeper insight into whatever you’re hoping to accomplish. Hang your “do not disturb” sign, Crab. Cutting down on social gatherings and happy hours so you have more time to reflect. When it comes to company, make room for your inner circle, quiet time with your significant other, family or close friends. Your undivided attention is in high demand now, so be aware of who needs it most and do not waste any opportunity to stay quiet and in the moment with those you cherish most. Feelings are your fuel, and this month, introspection puts you in touch with your inner power. Be fearless as you root through your own emotional depths.

 February 2017, Leo 24 July – 23 August…

The force is most often with you and is nothing to be messed with, however this month it may get a little lonely if you don’t get out there and mingle.  This is a month of socializing, join the party and become the social butterfly you know you can be. All month, the Sun shines through the most relationship-driven parts of your chart. Through February 18 as the Sun moves through your seventh house of committed partnerships and equality you could find yourself connecting with some gifted partners in both business and romance. This energy can only create greatness. Mars and Venus are pushing you to become the explorer, check out new territory while the fantastically charged Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 11th will help you see the world is changing and you want to be play a part of that change. Look for opportunities with specific people especially from the 12th through the 20th.  Travel plans are on the horizon as the Sun moves from good to great.

 February 2017, Virgo 24 August – 23 September…Struggling with the new diet or regiment for 2017.  No worries until now it would have been a fruitless effort…..  That doesn’t mean it can or will continue.  Get off the couch and start moving.  The Sun is working hard in your sixth house of work and health. Your new-found friends have caused you to be compulsive particularly around the holidays and will continue this month.  Watch your finances as this will give you much anxiety when it’s all said and done.  As with all new adventure and relationships there is a degree of intensity that can reach great highs this month Virgo. So, hold on as the Solar Eclipse which occurs in your sector of relating on the 26th . This will point toward an exciting new phase in all sorts of relationships. 

 February 2017, Libra 24 September – 23 October…Hopeless romantic?  Well bring it on dear Libra and make sure it is packed with fun as the Aquarius Sun makes the magic in your fifth house of love affairs and self-expression.  It awakens the passion and creativity, making it easy for others to see how you feel.  There is no hiding your love, passion and dramatics.  Relationships will shine with possibilities, but may require you to spend time with others that have a different viewpoint.  Be forthcoming with your opinions, visualize your wants and say it loud as this is the time to be heard. invigorating Mars spends the entire month in Aries and sitting your opposite pushing you to have the courage to make the move on that special someone.  It is time to speak up for what you really want.   More professionally, you may find yourself in an environment where you are helping others such as in the service sector, social care or health.

 February 2017, Scorpio 24 October – 22 November…Your home is the focus for you this month as the Aquarius Sun ignites your domestic fire showing you the importance of family for a balanced home. This month is a time to slow down and reflect.  Focus on mementos that make you feel rooted and safe.  Creating a home that you have dreamed of will be easy and necessary this month as the Sun is in your fourth house representing home and family.  Nurturing the bonds with female friends and maternal figures gives you the confidence and spirit to do great things. Your positive attitude with a motto of “I can do this” can work wonders for you at this time.  Take a step back and find your center. The motivation from those who you admire or who inspire you will be easy, just tap into the energy you receive from those who believe in you.  Your profession will make great progress through your efforts and will guide you to determine a more fulfilling creative path that is both rewarding and lucrative.

 February 2017, Sagittarius 23 November – 21 December…As an adventurer and thinker, you will have a lot opportunities to share  dynamic conversations this month.  Social and fun with a bit of serious attitude is what is in store for you as the Sun is in Aquarius and in your talkative third house until February 18.  Start spreading a message and making your famously fiery opinions heard. The third house rules neighborhoods, so stay local and see what you can uncover (or stir up) in your own circle. Connecting through meet-ups and social media, will spark exciting synergies. With energizing Mars in Aries heating up your passionate fifth house all month, connections might turn romantic. Jupiter, your ruling planet, starts moving backwards on the 6th and will have less of an impact but don’t see this as being a negative Sagittarius.  This will give you an opportunity stay in check and make sure you are interacting with the world at large and others through strands of co-operation to the best of your ability. Through your vivacious personality and physical vitality, you can achieve so much this month that can have great effects on those around you.  It will be important to stay attuned to your home, family and emotional strands.

 February 2017, Capricorn 22 December – 20 January…Stable and steady as you go Capricorn.  Your main goal this month will be productivity at least through February 18th as the Sun charges on through Aquarius in your second house.  Financial security puts in an “all business” mode, as if that wasn’t you already.  But this month will help keep you focused and not distracted with all the chatter that is going on around you. It’s time to be economical with your precious hours. Stability is where it’s at now—just the way Capricorn likes it. If you’ve been considering making some changes to where you live, how you live there or who with, this can be a key month. If a change of scenery is not for you, you may feel a need to re-decorate or take care of some much-needed home improvement projects. However, the Solar Eclipse at the end of the month also primes you to engage with your mental capabilities and imagination. If you’ve ever thought of writing a book, the next six months can be key.

 February 2017, Aquarius 21 January – 19 February…Flashy lights and runways may get others attention and you are ready to shine.  The Sun is glaring through your first house of self, putting you on the red carpet.  You will feel the need to speak up and not play the nice game as you usually do. This assertive energy will help advance your cause but can take others by surprise. You like to be part of the pact, but this month is not the time to go with the flow.  Champion your most heartfelt beliefs and don’t go along with the herd just to be liked. All eyes are on you, so stand up and make this moment count! Your unique way of looking at life is going to be given a wonderful platform for expression. Be sure to demonstrate to people the brilliance of your ideas, particularly around the Lunar Eclipse of the 11th, which feeds into both your ruling planets. In the most positive of ways, other people can be highly receptive to what you have to say. As Mercury in your sign combines brilliantly with Mars from the 12th to the 20th, your ideas really can come to life. Financial gain from all you hard work and bedazzlement will arrive on a silver platter around the 26th.

 February 2017, Pisces 20 February – 20 March…The Sun is sliding through Aquarius and in your twelfth house of rest and contemplation until February 18. What!  There is no time for that….. or so you think.  This month is about taking it easy, restore depleted energy.  Exercise your right to relax and pass time doing the things you enjoy.  It is a time to be around others who nurture you not those who want cry on your shoulder. If you feel the need to be alone in your thoughts and move away from others, this is perfectly understandable at this time and will not last forever, so make the most of your time out of the lime life. You may find yourself wanting to make some changes to how you execute your ideas this month.  The confidence comes from an improvement in your financial circumstances and participation from others.  Good fortune is on the way especially on the back of the lunation on the 11th. However, the big event will come at the end of the month with the Solar Eclipse on the 26th in your sign. This will set the stage for you to really shine, not just in February but for the months ahead.  Your imagination will be key and send you soaring high.


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