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Solar Power Your Life!

 solar panel rock bottom prices

Solar power everything from your golf cart to your house!

Saving money while saving the planet!!

Okay all you DIY people out there. How about DIY Solar Power Kits?

Let’s get real, it is time to evolve. We need trail blazers at this time in history. We need people who aren’t afraid to break out of the fossil fuel bubble. No more pipelines that run the risk of destroying our land. It’s time for a real revolution!!

I have found a company that can help you solar power just about anything, from your golf carts to your whole entire house!! Do you have an RV? Why not add solar power? How about solar generators, solar log cabins and plug plays to name just a few?

The Real Goods Store has returned to its roots in Mendocino County, proudly housed in the world’s largest straw bale showroom. They have created a one-stop-shop with solutions from many of the best suppliers in the industry at competitive rates.

They are here to help fuel the alternative energy revolution!!!


How much do you hate your electric bill? Come on, be honest, you know you would love to kick the electric company to the curb. How long will you stay in this old, worn out relationship? I know you think you can’t live with out them, I mean they practically raised you. They have been there for you, giving you all the comforts of home. But, alas, this relationship has run it’s course. It’s time to move on, move up and find out how to live more self-sufficient. (okay, maybe you’re not ready to kick ’em to the curb, but you can at least send them a message 😉 )

I know it can be scary thinking about leaving a relationship you know and love. It can be tough to say goodbye to something that has brought light to your darkness, air for your conditioning, added hot to your water and ummm… refrig to your eration??? 😕 ahhhh, yeah, anyway, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something better out there for you. That doesn’t mean that you have to settle and that you can’t have those same things in a better, more efficient way.

Real Goods isn’t the new guy on the block and has been leading way since 1978!! Just think, you can have your light, only, better. Better outdoor lighting options, such as security lights, lamp post lights, flood lights, spot lights, pathway lights, bollard lights, skylights and various other solar lights for your home.

Do you have a business or an organization? You might think about solar powering your outdoor lights including sign lights, security lights, hazard lights, street lights and parking lot lights providing you with enhanced visibility for, not just for you, but for your patrons and employees.

How about pole and ground mounted solar panel kits or a la cart solar system components such as batteries, solar panels, inverters and charge controllers for businesses and installers who want to design their own solar systems.

Come on…take a gander…. let your imagination run wild as you dream of leaving behind that good-for-nothin’ dirty energy, for a more clean, energy efficient way of life!

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